🧪 Early Information on New Sanctuary of Gargoyles Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v48]

I only ever got El Duque to the 3rd stack once in testing and that’s because i pot dumped him.

I have other very fast heroes and their rate of fire compared to fast or average speed is consistent but El Duque just felt ho-hum, like there was something missing.


They broke the one i wanted… I probably wouldn’t have gotten horefen… But still.

Whenever people look at a very fast speed hero I like to do an activity to see how he stacks up:

He is now a slow hero with double the effect.

Deals 590% damage to
Target and minor damage to nearby enemies, gives them 16% DD

When I compare that to a bunch of other slow heroes there are just soo many better options.

His total damage to the enemy team then is
1,180% damage in 12 tiles with a 16% DD.

For comparison, guilinbursti is a slow hero

boosts all Allie’s health by 2,000 total and deals 2,000+dmg to enemy team. No defense down I guess…but…I mean when guilinburstis 12 tiles look better than el Duques 12 there’s an issue to me.

I know stone skin is thrown in there and the ability to push his damage higher with lb and emblem, but….meh lol.

Seeing this comparison is there something that you guys are seeing that I’m not?

Maybe the 1 instance of stone skin will really make that much of a difference? I guess to me, that just means he tanks 1 tile or 1 minion/fiend hit, that seems really easy to counter.

Additionally it should be noted he doesn’t have the advantage of being slow speed and hitting for 590% damage all at once, the enemy team has time to heal up and counter that:/


I would like to have them all…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I just adore Gargoyles and that one is sexy in a bad boy kind of way…

So Arco is the leader of the gargoyles, would have never expected him to be the leader. He and El Duke looks really good, but Goseck is over designed imo.


thanks for sharing… is the answer then to just stop the Gargoyles from casting special skills in the first place? because goodness, 3 times receiving only 1 damage… that alone already makes any hero in this family fairly desirable for me!

Looks that way. My 3* healer was MAed. :joy::rofl:

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Some of the skin resistance are 4, 3 , 2 and even one. That feels not well designed for me. They should be equal for all, no matter of the speed of the hero…

Those 3* heroes are spit nto players face.

I have a question. Do the devs conform that Bellerive is female :sweat_smile: ?

Dev’s don’t say anything about the heroes gender.

It is just a guess from me or it left on Male / Female from the hero above :slight_smile:


Bellerive just looks female


Haha really? To me he looks male, so I assumed all of them were. But guess that’s subjective, they are fictional creatures after all :joy:

They needed some female gargoyles, the only one is penolite and even then she also looks a little masculine

The gargoyles event is way too hard. The gargoyles are OP. I’m so mad at Zynga right now, I’ve been paying for years and have decent heroes.

Nerf the gargoyles.

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I beat the event… I’ll get the world energy flasks, but i agree with you… It is hard. I think there is a key to throwing the Kitchen sink at them… Then sending a whole mess of non scoring tiles at them to clear the stone… But like i said… Tough.

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