🧪 Early Information on New Sanctuary of Gargoyles Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v48]

I think hatter couldn’t steal as he attacks first making the old stoneskin be used and can’t be stolen. I tested diaochan, and because of three minions attacking it got rid of stoneskin before it could be stolen. I’m going try get a circumstance where I only have one diaochan minion….

Edit: can’t be stolen by Diaochan Minions


Anyone else not pulling anymore now that they took off the best hero? Probably on purpose to make the portal attractive two times for whales


This is just veeeeeery, veeeeeery unpleasant.

Of course they CAN do this, but one shouldn’t do this.

It leaves a bad taste. Savouir vivre issues.

Naaah. Me no gusta.

It’s so disrepectful to us, the family of players.

It is so, because we all know the prerogatives of such behaviour.

Please SGG, show us some respect.


Hmmm, if the hero I wanted the most hasn’t been released and there are other heroes to be released, I don’t think I need to pull this month.

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Hahaha. This one made my morning. I already can see this situation:

  • Release that hero later, buffed. So spenders can spend again in the same event.
  • Buff all others gargoyles to “match” his power level, because “balance” is important.

I would also expect another different event in the meantime. And even more gargoyles.

If the event don’t make enough money, it’s possible that every gargoyle gets buffs like it’s probably happening to war of three kingdoms.

Other aspects of the game and quality of life will still be dead.


I understand that this makes some players upset. See from another point if view, I hope it helps;
The way it has been during last month’s has put SG and players in a corner. Every new hero is compared with the latest “extreme buffed before release” hero. If the new ones aren’t close enough, many players will wait. It is like any other drug, if they don’t pump out even more extreme ones we will be disappointed. They try to nerf after awhile to bring the level of expectations to “normal ”…
We all know how it will ends.

Happy gaming


I wonder if they want to rework his skill another time and actually are taking time to work it out via beta rather than live game?

That’s a bit of optimism. If his skill remains unchanged then I’ll conclude no. If it gets changed we can say either this or power creep did it.


Disappointed about Hohenwerf, he was the one I wanted not just color and power but estheticly speaking. Bummer :confused: It’ll be months before that portal returns.


Nah, it could come right back after the Challenge Festival. :face_with_monocle:

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This is my expectation too.
I think after the next Challange Festival (which is confirmed) this Festival event will no longer be an every other month event, but it will go into the normal rotatation with equal apperance rates as all other events.
So after the Challenge Festival in June I am expecting a Slayers of Fell Shadows event (and a balance update right before the event for these here), and after these two I think Gargolyes will come next.

But all of these are guesses so we will Staff what are Staff’s plans later.


It’s comical and sad in the same proportion :sleepy:


And meanwhile all the S1 crap gets left even further behind…. They’ll basically be 6* heroes soon compared to S1 5*.


Any news about event reflect red?

There is no information on that so far.

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Got it. Thx!

20 character

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As in …, hits 3x. MA on 3x ? :scream:

Honesty, I’m not super angry about this guy being removed.

I am beyond irritated through that they are removing hohenwurf(however you spell it)

But leaving the duque in rotation. He is terrible at present and needs to be removed and adjusted.

Pleeeassseeeeeeeee don’t put duque in the rotation please. He’s essentially a 4* hero in a 5* slot.

This event looks drastically less appealing knowing the odds to pull the duquemeister have gone up. He’s that bad.

I’ll make some pulls trying to get the 4s and 3s. Kalo seems very interesting , so does Bellerive
Budatin will be helpful against yellow titans
Get at least one 5s would be icing on the cake but I’ll be satisfied with 3s and 4s who are easier and cheaper for leveling


Same after this announcement my view shifted from, “summon to
Build a full gargoyle team” to “get the 3/4*s and dip out.”

Kalo looks ripe for exploitingness with clever lineups. Hope I can get him.