🧪 Early Information on New Sanctuary of Gargoyles Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v48]

That’s just unlucky RNG tbh, this whole game is based on RNG anyways. It’s either you neutralise the target first or you don’t

My point is that SG made something that has unique synergies between skills and talents and these are just shut off immediately. Instead of reworking the damage to a lower one, just choose to scrap that idea entirely.

If they really want to keep this 700% damage just reverse the conditions. Have her do 700% at 100% health and it drops down to 350% at 1% health. Because I cannot see how dropping the damage to 650% solves anything


Yeah this sounds better.

A hefty whack upfront. Then a nudge to finish off.

Isn’t that more logical for a fight/war/battle if you want to take someone out ?

Go in strong, then finish off.

No need to be shy or polite. If you wanna kill, then kill strong.

I know for a fact that Skadi won’t apply stacks from a fighter she was supposed to kill (brought to 0 hp), but revived themselves. Same thing for self ressurrecters like Tyr, Cillian, Atomos and Nadezdha. It’s also the same with Fenrir (mana on kill).

I would assume it’s the same with Bellerive’s special, even if that means the excess damage would go to waste.

no, Goseck will deal 700% (now 650) when himself has 1hp. the point on being a fighter is 30% of the times he would be killed, he coming back with 1hp and likely full mana nuking everyone with a 1k hit

that was a bug, which was fixed in version v45:
“Special Skill effects tied to enemy kills will now correctly trigger regardless of whether a killed Hero revives through the Fighter Talent. Heroes affected: Fenrir, Frank (Costume), Skadi”


Good to know! Never noticed after this update.

I have some serious concerns about this hero. The fact it’s a 4 star hero and at average speed seems like a really bad idea. Some limitations need to be put into to place on this special. Or it’s possible to have this 4 star hero casting(for example) an Alfrike special, a C-Mother North special, a Penolite special and a Bobo special all at the same time.

Again, at average speed.

That seems like a really, really, bad idea, even if it was a 5 star hero.


yes, this is possible

Right. And that’s a terrible idea and needs fixed.

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And for that to happen, the attacker has to have killed Alfrike, C-Mother North, Penolite, and Bobo, while leaving this four-star hero alive. That’s a pretty specific scenario. Do we really think a player that could field a team with those four doesn’t have a better fifth than a four-star gargoyle? And if this little bugger survives after all of those heroes fall, doesn’t he deserve a comeback mechanic?

I’m willing to hold off judgment until I see one in the wild. C. Justice and Guardian Owl are also built on the premise of being dangerous when most of your team is dead, but they have the disadvantage that most of your team has to be dead for them to be dangerous. It’s a trade-off, for sure.


Ahh yes and?

But lets scale this scenario back a bit.

Do you think it’s a good idea to give a 4 star hero at average speed the ability to release both an Alfrike and a c-Mother North special at the same time?

And comparing this potential versus both C-Justice and Guardian Owl is not even close. Ignoring the fact that both of those specials are not even close in power to someone who has the ability to do a c-Mother North Alfrike Combo, there’s even ways to pretty easily mitigate against those two though attack down debuffs, defensive buffs and taunts, that can not be used against this supposed 4 star hero to any effect.

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As his only special? Clearly not. In a very specific circumstance? Maybe.

Look, it’s gonna suck if or when it happens, but there are a lot of things in this game that suck when they happen. I faced a defense in yesterday’s very fast raid tournament with 2 C. Mother North wings and an Alfrike tank. That sucks at least as badly as this, and it’s already in the game. It just feels to me like, in the current meta that disfavors snipers in favor of nearby and AoE hitters, the chances of killing both MN and Alfrike without killing Kalo are gonna be kind of rare. With emblems and LB his defense will be what, something just north of 700? With 1350-1400 HP? My Guardian Kong LB +20 has 704 defense and 1678 HP, and all I hear is, “He sucks. He’s never going to live to fire like that.” He’s average speed too, btw.

If this were a five-star hero, I’d be more worried. And I may be underestimating Kalo yet. If I am, feel free to come back and tell me, “I told you so.” Wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong, nor the first time I’ve had someone point it out. I just can’t bring myself to panic about this guy… yet.


And just an example of this not even being close to far fetched, look at this:

Now instead of one of the taunters like Krampus/Black Knight or Alberich, you just sub in this 4 star hero. In a rush war.

I absolutely do not need to see this in the wild to realize that this is an extremely bad idea, even if this was a 5 star hero, let alone a 4 star one.

Great argument, but still… even one dead ally is too big of a special ability for a 4* (just one dead alfrike or Mother north is enough, no need for 4 heroes being dead.

Or what about 4 other Kalos?? :slight_smile: they all do recasts of their own specials of fallen heroes? :slight_smile:

If you don’t think lots of people are going to use this hero as a second 5 star hero at the bare minimum, I don;t know what to tell you.

People were mad about Ferant showing up in all kinds of upper lever defenses, both for raids and wars, this hero is going to make Ferant look like a joke.

Every single hero that are seen in top level defenses can be duplicated, not just the ones I have listed if they’re dead

Well the key here for me is to stop it before “it happens”. Because if this hero gets released as is and the inevitable nerf happens, it’s going to be yet another meltdown everywhere. One that could have been easily avoided.

to balance Kalø , maybe give ability to activate fallen allies to 35%, and just uses the abilities of his nearby allies.

No, me and other Beta testers have tested this.
This use of dead allies skill aspect of the dead Kalos are not triggered.


This is actually interesting. This must be an oversight on the Special Skill description if a dead Kalø isn’t cast from the grave. This makes me question if there are any other heroes who can’t similarly be cast

Maybe just have him activate one random skill?