🧪 Early Information on New Round 2 of Springvale Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v56]

Poor Sir Rostley he is forgotten in the dark sourounded by 3* dark heroes:). The only sezonal old hero that do not have a costume *. He is like poor, Noor.


Zynga probably hasn’t figured out to design his costume cos Sir Roostley chain attacks. A costume is usually a different aspect for the original specials.

Like Hel’s mana freeze to steal mana.

Chain attack, with damage reducing with each target, to ???

  1. AOE 5x?
  2. Counter 5x?

Can’t think of other options.


Odin’s costume was released today, and it’s the same lol just slightly tweaked % etc… but it does the exact same thing.

They should have released rooster costume last year with others… this is just lazy.

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They could just buff him to hits all
Or a Jove, hits target max and the rest minor

Surprising, they cant make 3 new featured heroes and how come Rooster still without costume?

They make hundreds new heroes, but surprisingly they cant make the expected ones? :open_mouth:


‘Poor Noor’? Keep in mind that she has been buffed twice. Not at all poor. And as a HOTM, not at all comparable to Sir Roostley.

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Hit random 5 targets like alfrike

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Oooh I like this. With increased attack stats, I can see that working out nicely for my Rooster. Especially after 5x DD or EDD (does anyone give yellow EDD 5x? :thinking:)

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Lepus and KH received costumes cos they are the money spinners. Rooster has always been the poor cousin, sidelined as usual.

Zynga needed that Springvale portal to bring in money. So those 2 costumes cos they know that enough players will chase for the costume, after securing the original.

This time around, they chose to introduce new 5* rather than push Rooster cos those new 5* will bring in more money than Rooster.

Their “revenue based” metrics dictates their hero release.

Same old same old business strategy.

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Rooster is the test subject for chaining attacks. Rooster crawled, so that khufu can fly


I was thinking 3 turns silence, including himself. It’s already going to be the coolest, imagine him raining spears everywhere
C Leonidas gives yellow EDD to three. I used to pair my rooster with mist. She can fire first then rooster does the pounding

That’s not going to happen for Rooster. Would make him more useful. He’s intended to be a front line assault hero.

5 random direct damage attack may happen for him. Makes him perfect for titan hits. Lol

Both heroes are going to be excellent in their current state. Jasper will be amazing for titans.

But this I do not agree with. There’s soooo many other slow or very slow heroes who’s way better than Jasper. He’s not going to change the current “meta” on rush mode.

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No, there isn’t (yet) a hero that does 5x EDD - CC Leonidas does 5x DD, maybe CCC (C³? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:) Leonidas will give five 5x EDD :rofl:. Though, by that time I wouldn’t be surprised if some other new hero will have beaten him to it :nerd_face:

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I don’t know if anyone noticed, but SGG added Easter Eggs to Springvale Heroes’ card frames :smiley:


Does that make this an Easter Egg Easter Egg?

( Great spot :eagle: :eyes: )


Archie seems a gree C Master Lepus

Jasper would be a terrific tank and titan hero. let’s wait to try some pulls after the Fated Summon refreshes