🧪 Early Information on new Rare Challange Event Heroes for Challange Festival Event [Part of The Beta Beat v44]

Once treevil fires the enemy is pretty much done. You can legit bring him on high tier battles in rush


You can mention me any time if you see something wrong.
I have replaced the icon with :sun_with_face: in the OP for this little Parrot :slight_smile:


One would think so. But I’m sure we’ll end up with a whole bunch of Beliths, Gunnars, Valens, Nashgars, and an occasional Hu Tao.

And not one Bauchan to be found in the Festival portal. That’s the future and I have predicted it.

Treevil, Maeve, Aderyn, and (just for kicks) 2 Julius. Sadly, Gil-Ra will have to enter the retirement home.

I don’t think many people used her anyway if they had better 3* darks.

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Doubt :wink:
No S1 heroes in the portal at the moment.

He is there, just not new. In this thread you can only see the new event heroes, the old ones, including bauchan, are also in the portal.

OMG! A portal with NO S1 heroes! faints


It does have the dreaded trainers though!

She was the only dark 3* defense down hero and maybe the only 3* cleanser back in the good old days. Her speed never matched her skill.

Now we have Maeve and Treevil for defense down and C Tyrum for cleansing.

Thanks for the correction. I didn’t even see that part. Hopefully these new heroes won’t be so elusive.

Those trainers are definite bummer to pull, but they do make excellent feeders for whomever you are levelling. Much richer than your event 3*.


I happen to like the trainers, but there is no doubt that some players get very upset about their inclusion.


Some players aren’t intelligent enough to understand a trainer hero is better food than an S1 three banger.


To quote the classics: you might say that, but I couldn’t possibly comment.

Since there are no S1 three banger’s in this portal, it’s probably a good thing that those dummies don’t have anything to misunderstand…


I want my dawa :tired_face: how dare those people scam my money :sob:


I’m mildly curious how slowly the costumes will filter in, each time.
To keep people pulling and less annoyed with the amount of 3* event dupes that you’ll be feeding instead of dawa

Keep the dupes tho!
3* often level-up shy of a max’d skill…
if you feed a 3.5 rare a single dupe you get 100% chance the skill will increase.

After you max a few out then…
You can be annoyed with all the event feeders and glad you get the trainer every now and then.

Or more likely…
And wait for the next actual event with bigger creeps than any old costume…

Oh, they will. Get ready for cries of “trainer heroes!?!? Where’s the S1’s?! I need Wu!”


Guardian Lemur- Defense oriented, 3* blue, fighter healer

Click for stat quotes

Fighter class :notes::exclamation::fireworks::exclamation:( see notes )

Fighter class is a great fit for a hero with healing, or minions

See Delilah, Boldtusk, Rudolph

3* blue healer :notes::exclamation::fireworks::exclamation:( see notes )

Yay more 3* healers!

Sad, again behind a paywall.

Defense oriented

I personally dislike this Elemental defense buff

It is very defense oriented, limiting the buff’s usefulness

3* Kashhrek

Basically a blue 3* improved mini Kashhrek


Fighter healers

2017-Nov-21 request

([Suggestion] 3* Healers)


But it’s a lemur! What’s not to like?

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