🧪 Early Information on new Pirates of Corellia Hero - Anne [Part of The Beta Beat v51]

Can we get S1 double costumes, S2 costumes (and increased bonus to same) and S3 costumes all out before we talk about S4 ones? :slight_smile:

I rememver old days when finely launched he was looking so brutal but now he is average damage hero and that reduced damaged on consecutive hit is less so dont go crazy for current meta he is not so so overpowerd hero…
Sit back and enjoy his skills for few days then cry over nerf and buff kind of stuff…

Did someone know when is he going live! Next month should be challenge event, so i hope that he will be there, so i can pull him :wink:

She will prolly be nerfed…mostly…after she have engrossed enough money from the whales…
Why people are always surprised whenever zynga releases"announces" a crazy op hero? Its an old story now and i believe everyone knows it.

I think Challenge Festival 1 will be held in October.
So you need to wait 25 more days only.

She is now announced here:

Don’t know how to stop the dictatorship of the dark tanks?
Let’s put a holy hero that directly kills al the enemy’s team and to something else…

SG, are you fully lost your minds? Fast mass hero with tonn of damage. This is ■■■■, not the balance.

I’ve been thinking, maybe this is SG’s way to introduce yellow tanks back into wars? Malin is an absolute terror as well.

It’s almost like they started a challenge within the company to find out, who’s idea can make the most players leave the game…


Either we need this more than ever or this is a slap in the face to all xnolphod owners that they have to pull for his costume

nerf xnol and create new OP hero.

it’s a trap, it’s a trap!


I’m wondering if Anne will be everything we are anticipating…I want one but not chasing

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Gosh I can’t wait for someone to come along and tell me I can’t judge this hero OP “just by reading the card” [/toomuchsarcasmforonemarkuptag]

Feh, the next 4* hero maybe :stuck_out_tongue: The next 5* hero probably more like

  • Instantly wins this match
  • Your last match lost? Retroactively wins that too
  • Instantly finishes currently active quest or event, giving all prizes
  • Auto-posts on E&P forums under your username, “wHy dOeSn’T sG hAvE mOrE cHaLlEnGiNg eVeNts?!?!!!” apparently unironically
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That was a good one! #20 characters of applause

Okay update - Anne is featured so happy pulling to all. @L33tVortex12596 good luck :slight_smile:

Omg I literally decided to use up my challenge coins and did not expect her to come along but she did!


Sigh, I never call for nerfs and take most heroes in stride, but this one is just to much. She would have been too much already before her secondary.
This is the first time I have felt the weariness of the development of heroes
Too too much :fearful:


congrats, but u gonna hate me cause i’m gonna make a thread to nerf her :yum:

:moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:


not too fast buddy. wait until the event is over. who knows we might get it on the last day. if we don’t get it. it’s time for us to act!! Lol