🧪 Early Information on New Pirates of Corellia Challenge Event [Part of The Beta Beat V23]

Beta Update

Finley and Marie-Thérèse have received rebalancing updates, reducing their effects. I’ve updated the top post of this thread accordingly.


I don’t mean to get all sweet on you… but you’re literally the reason I come to the forums… thanks so much for your efforts.


Well thanks! I appreciate the appreciation. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well he’s not a fast Isarnia anymore, though still a really good hero. -34% is still very significant (see ramming pulverizers and Kunchen).

Needed nerf, and still a good looking hero for offense.


Would like to see Marie with a dot as opposed to direct damage, would give her back her uniqueness (well… not entirely unique as boss does it as well) of wanting to dispel and wanting to cleanse. A 4 turn 300 dot or something would be solid and make the zombies able to stack with it to really make her a lot of fun.

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I don’t understand why they don’t update the old heroes. Right now I’m not tempted to summon as almost all the old pirates are crap. I’ve said it before, it would be nice of the devs to start fixing the old heroes instead of continually adding new heroes to fill their pockets. It would bring more variety in defense teams, I’m getting tired of all the same boring Gravemaker/Seshat/Kageburo/Guin stuff. While you’re at it also fix the Guardians, Owl and Kong are very niche/underpowered.


Are we anticipating that Pirates will be back in for October!

Rotation Schedule (2019)

  • September: Knights of Avalon
  • October: Pirates of Corellia
  • November & December: TBA
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Yes, as @ChaosWeever noted, it’s been announced: September 2019 Challenge Event [Knights of Avalon] & October 2019 Challenge Event [Pirates of Corellia]


I’m shocked that didn’t register in my brain! I’m sure I must have read that at the time.


Hey Zeph. Will the pirates challenge event have a new format ( or same type a new thing as Avalon) for levels and loot?

Yes, it’ll be updated like Avalon. The top post of this thread has the details as last seen in Beta.

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When color stacking, if a zombie is reborn from Marie’s ability with 500 atk & defense does their atk stat only apply to their special, or does it also replace their base atk for tile damage? Ordinarily their base atk is rolled in even when the hero is dead, but would this functionally decrease tile damage?

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It seems the Challenge coins are shared between events. So I’ll just finish Pirates and save the coins for something better, since except Mairie-Therese all heroes seem going from okay (Commodore) to awful (Boomer). I’ll finish the quest, but otherwise skipping it unless they decide to buff other heroes.

I’m going to try just because my green is weak, and having Peters, being a 4*, is more likely than any of the other heroes except Vodnik and to try for Kingston.

Knowing my luck I’ll get 5 Boomers instead. :joy:

Though it might not be a bad idea to save the coins and use them for Wonderland in hopes of pulling White Rabbit, but I already have two Cats and don’t want Diamonds… :thinking::man_shrugging:t2:

For me, I ought to save for either Grimforest or Teltoc since I don’t have any of the 4* heroes from either, and excepting Gretel, they’re all staples.

But Kingston is a good enough draw for me to at least use coins. I’m going to save my gems for November in hopes of pulling Evelyn in a 30 pull, but it won’t happen.

Sorry if I missed it in here, but what does the zombie poison bite do, and what is it’s speed. If reborn do zombies start with the mana they had upon death?

Finley’s special looks quite promising. Coupled with a fast mana…

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Can Zombie Blessing be re-acquired? That is, if a blessed hero is already a zombie, can they get another blessing when M-T’s casts again?

as i saw from fighting her in the event if she castes again on a vampire the word VAMPIRE raise same way as taunt do and the effect doesnt show up
so i believe its no different from the normal hero

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