🧪 Early Information on New Morlovia Heroes (Halloween) & Family Bonus [Part of The Beta Beat V32]

Who cares?! Why get on this forum at all if you don’t care? Dont be rude. :triumph:

On another note:

The new Morlavia heros are awesome! Especially Vanda. Would loooove to get her!!!


I like these new Halloween heroes. I think out of all of them I like Francine the most. A cleanse every turn for 3 turns is pretty awesome and decent enough damage to 3 with additional damage to ice.

Embarrasing question, maybe, but this is my first time playing, still learning a lot.

I got a new update to the game today, and it mentioned this event - yet it is not “live” for me, at least. Even though I even got that fancy Halloween themed log in screen, which is awesome!

Is there a level requirement to participate and that is why I do not see it? Thank you in advance, happy gaming to all :slight_smile:

No level requirement. You just have to be patient like the rest of us - the event will happen later in the month!

Ninja Tower starts in 20 hours or so, as you can see via your Quests tab.

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@Gwniver Welcome to Morlovia :smiley: The event hasn’t started yet :frowning_face:

Best guess seems around 26th October 2020.

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Oh! I thought it was live now, given the update. My bad. Thank you for your swift response.

‘Patience’, ah. Is there a quest to obtain that trait? I never completed it, it appears… :smile:

Thanks again :slight_smile:


Aw, thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Ah, so much happening in October, I´m kind of glad, that I am not able to afford refilling my World Energy over and over - I´d do nothing but play this game all day long, hah! :smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Maybe I missed it. Are there any early visuals yet?

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I got a NEW meta prepared for anyone to run with it :slight_smile:

Freya - Francine - Gravemaker - Zeline - Clarrisa

Strongest points :

  • 2 flanks of strong element aganist tank colour (if enemy brings blue)
  • both provides extra damage aganist blue and do cleanse/dispell at fast speed.
  • if enemy brings strong colour vs flanks, gravemaker punishes (extra dmg vs green and more durability)
  • Freya as pseudo healer at fast speed and def buffer to support
  • Freya and Clarissa and above mentioned points forces enemy to bring yellow (or face bonus dmges). But then Clarissa does bonus dmg at very fast speed.

Best option is to go red element, so you evade bonus dmges and are strong vs flanks. You are still dealing with fast/very fast team who cleanses all burning effects and dispells your buffs…

Basically, your done any way :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit : Well Zeline can go to a wing so there isnt double flank.

Zeline - Ursena - Gravemaker - Francine - Clarissa

This makes it no green, no yellow or no blue :slight_smile: Black and red both deal reduced dmg so Gravemaker on tank role will be fine, since no strong element :wink:


Im not fond of doubling colours , you have two greens when one only of them would be kind of enough to discourage blue. I would swap one of the flanks for Ursena and add a blue and a yellow wing. (C.joon or drake fong) and finley.

Pd: I doubt that GM works well enough in the tank position to use him instead of ursena or Telluria

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Well Zeline can go to a wing so there isnt double flank.

Zeline - Ursena - Gravemaker - Francine - Clarissa

This makes it no green, no yellow or no blue :slight_smile: Black and red both deal reduced dmg so Gravemaker on tank role will be fine, since no strong element :wink:

Red doesn’t deal reduced damage against any of those, its 200% vs Zeline and Francine, 100% against the other 3

For reduced (normal dmg) was thinking of they bring red vs gravemaker

That 12% mana generation bonus when using three unique Morlovia family Heroes is going to be a beast. Their Specials stack remember?
Looking forward to that.

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I see, a bit confusing to call normal damage “reduced” when there is an actual reduced damage

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For me GM tank = never re-roll.

He’s squishy and if he gets one special off it’s never a gamechanger. Stack blue and he goes away quickly. Two specials to vaporize one of the green flanks and then you can ghost to victory.

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i know it is a minor issue and probably just a misstypo at Valeria’s card. but can u fix it? it says target receives 150 damage over 5 turns. if a target already has this effect, the durat,on will be refreshed and the damage will be increased by 215, up to 575 damage in total.

lets do some math 150 + 215 + 215 = 580

another topic foe vlad. probably who is the worst hero of the game. he needs a buff. if you wont change any stats of him. at least get his dot damage over 2 turns instead of 5. i am sure if sg crunches the numbers they will see he is the least preferred hero. give him some respect. any direct damage or some specil like blind will also work for him or whatever it is. just dont leave him as he is


Amen, Vlad joined my bench in 2017 and remains unleveled. Back then I was still using some 3* heroes.

I really don’t like it when a hero is called useless but if the shoe fits…

He is currently utterly useless (see, not merely useless, he takes it to the next level of futility). Sigh.

Closing this thread now as these heroes are (almost) in live game. Please refer to their individual threads:


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