🧪 Early Information on New Legends of Kalevala Seasonal Event Gameplay & Rewards [Part of The Beta Beat v49]

Really? Great news, thank you!

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If you think this event is so horrible because any stage(s) that can’t be completely skipped or cleared on auto with 0 risk is undesirable, “forced gameplay”… then just don’t play it? Especially if you’re so convinced that the rewards aren’t good? There are so many (too many, some would say) events in this game nowadays. So just do other things with your WE. It’s totally fine.

Different people like different challenges. Many players completely skip Mythic Titan and/or Towers (I despise both. I skip both). But some players really like playing those events. I assume that’s why they still exist. I love Alliance Wars but some people never even sign up for them despite having kickass teams in every color just because they don’t like PvP. That’s cool too. Whatever.

Veteran players calling every single new addition to the game that involves anything that can’t be breezed through “unbearable” is getting really old.

Seasonal events are probably the least “greedy” events in the game and SGG added one for some reason despite “Kalevala” not even being an actual season. We got a new bunch of solid, EHT-accessible heroes. We have an entire month to drop some leftover WE on stages every now and then for free aethers. Getting all worked up just because you can’t speedrun Legendary on Day 1 on autopilot might say more about your overall disillusionment with the game than the event itself.


You´re absolutely right - be selective with how we spend our time. I think the rant-train just grabbed be without warning there in my earlier post! :sweat_smile:

My favorite gameplay is the Springvale one, where the Power Shards and Dragon Shields are Lamps etc. instead - I find that super fun and refreshing. :100:


Springvale ??? Not Sand Empire ? :slight_smile:

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Oh! Oooops, yes - how well you know me :smile: Sand Empire indeed :heart:

I played them… Usually last… But i always did rare and epic. Both were easily enough played on auto play… So i really don’t know what all the complaints are for.