🧪 Early Information on New Legends of Kalevala Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v49]

thanks @ffphier for clarifying!!

lol @BlackZed they just do one per month…

Jan - New Year event
Feb - Groundhog Day
March - St Patrick’s Day
April - April Fools!!!
May - Springvale
June - idk, World Youth Day or something
July - Sand Empire
August - this new event
September - World Tourism day, enjoy blatant caricatures of heroes from around the world
October - Morlovia
November - Diwali Event
December - Christmas


At least until SG comes with new reflect blue event. But blue dispeller would be very useful for CoK, against these red riposte mobs.

Can someone explain what exactly Kullervo does

I do not understand the description of your attack … how many damage causes and how many enemies
470% among the rest of the enemies? Or each of the rest of the enemies ?

300% to target. Simple
470% to a random different enemy just like Bjorn. Also simple. One other enemy hit. If only one enemy left, that enemy will be hit by both the 300% and 470%.
Both enemies hit get mindless attack ailment (like Alfrike/Hansel).



Sands is in May. After Springvale:

April : Springvale
May : Sands
June : “Play The Planet” ?
July : Around the Globe Part 1 (with blatant heroes drawn from global folklore)
August : Kalevala
September : Around the Globe Part 2 (more blatant heroes)
October : Morlovia
November : Around the Globe Part 3 (concludes Global Tour)
December : Christmas

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So I understand that it only hits 2 enemies is like that ? Or 5 ?

bwahaha after Zynga is done with this, there will be a blatant caricature from every country on the planet

can we copyright this idea? at least get royalties? I’d be happy with 1% of the summons revenue from these portals…


Yea two hits not five

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@PlayForFun Hey, I am not a beta tester but I read somewhere else that Iku-Turso also does uncleansable water damage over 3 turns and this would last 2 more turns for fire heroes… This was missing from its description for now… Could you kindly confirm?

Oh, thx for raising my attention to this @KeeSnow
It looks like I have skipped this second item in the skill of this hero.
I have adjusted it now.

I’m guessing no response if these 5* will be added to HA10 on release?

I will let you know once they answer.

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Is it safe to say this will be a better portal than Sands (for someone who’s never pulled from Sands)? Everything I read seems to be that the Sands portal is disappointing even with costumes.

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just tested them in beta the uncleansable status effects only applies to the elements they are weak against….

example: louhi’s defensive down is only uncleansable against holy heroes but can be cleanse/rewritten on other elements


Maybe someone in beta can shed some light, but reading through these…I would
Pass 100% of the time.

Very cool to see them celebrating the Kalevala like this, especially as a seasonable event. I realize SGM is in Finland, but there are a lot of Finnish game companies, and this rarely gets much attention.

I’ve been saving my epic hero tokens for October, but now I’m split.


I have just received an answer from Staff:


5* Nature
5* Dark Wizard
5* Wilbur

4* Fire Sorcerer

3* Dark Sorcerer Healer

Everything my roster need is in 1 summon portal…

As this is a seasonal summon, EHT works for this portal, isn’t it???

Yes, EHT can be used for pulling in this portal

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Aino would be useful against healing steal