🧪 Early Information on New Legendary (Unknown Later Event) Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v43]

Jeez. At least wait until season 5 to destroy the premium heroes you just sold me from the current season.


I bet it’s going to be something original.
Like… Tower of Gargoyles


new event again, amazing, we need more events for months with 32 calendar days


I’m still trying to understand and remember who are the heroes from Villain Events. I honestly forgot what else came after: only Circus? Or there was something else? I’m playing the new Quest without paying any attention to bosses specials because my brain cannot process anymore all this data alltogether. I open the forum and boom, a hell of topics about new heroes raining on us in the next month(s). That’s absurdingly too much.


I guess it’s another version of alliance challenge.
An addition to the small raven family

if they are on defense, an off color 1 dmg tile should do the trick?

Or if you are using these heroes on offense, a defender’s slash attack could also be what gets reduced to 1 dmg?

Regardless, it’s still a pretty good passive ability.

It’s like they are creating a game from scratch and forgetting that there are a tonne of heroes that came before the last six months.


Yes, even that could work but every tile you move is a turn where you most likely won’t use your specials on them and as other mana batteries heroes would be released they will become more and more of a problem.

For attacks a slashing could do but in a situation as last heroes standing this is too powerful.

“Radjant”? never heard of this word, unless it’s a typo for Radiant

I have a feeling that these two Gargoyle heroes are potential Challenge Event heroes, or a teaser for Season 5. Hotms, can be ruled out as the new norm for hotms is 2 innate skills.

Gargoyle as heroes theme eh? :thinking: okay, I’ll bite, they seem rather interesting to be fair! :grinning:

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By “half the players” do you mean… yourself?

We were always expecting two more events, so there would be two challenge events for each element. This is no surprise unless you’re easily surprised.

Gargoyles sound good, much more in keeping with the original theme of the game than circuses and goblin balloons. Passive sounds annoying but navigable. Let’s see what the event looks like.

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There were Slayers also and we’ll have them again at the end of October.

I think before the new event they will launch another new event​:rofl::joy: stupid SG keep bragging for money…

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After Slayers based on earlier Staff annoucement we can choose, which event to come next.

Maybe these wil be the options.

  • New event 1 for the first time.
  • New event 2 for the first time.
  • New event 3 for the first time.

Oh yeah, right. The event with all those heroes with an awful design. That’s the only thing i can remember, i can’t recall any of their names, let alone their abilities :joy:

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I find it very ironic that heroes are thrown on testing before the event. Shows where the priorities are: create new shinies first, then figure out where to stick them. Not that I’m surprised.

Oh well, at least the gargoyle passive is rather well-designed. They both seem way overtuned in terms of damage, but the concepts are sound.

It’s also funny how these are blue and yellow - totally not intended to be used against Liz and Hannah respectively. We rock-paper-scissors now, next iteration will bring the scissors to the table for a few hundred $ if you’re lucky.


Staff indicated that Herzog will be renamed to Gaillard.
I have adjusted the OP.

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That is so wrong. Herzog is a fine name for a gargoyle, but Gaillard? That name should be reserved for Sir Roostley’s flamboyant cousin. Or perhaps a snooty French knight with a lot of plumes. Gaillard the Gargoyle indeed… just no.

p.s. No 4 son, who is an aficionado of these things, opines that as gargoyles are Gothic they go best with Germanic type names. One French sounding and one - is that Spanish? - has him shaking his head sadly. He already disapproves quite enough of me playing this game. We could, of course, both be quite wrong about this.


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