🧪 Early Information on New League of Villains Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v35]

At first look…power creep! But these are decent looking heroes, Karnov looks interesting a different element version of Jott…and then toxicandy very interesting for the meta…fast healer cleanser …though should have been named Nontoxicandra!

Beta Update

OP updated with changes to the various heroes.

All Villains heroes got a stat downgrade & hence a drop in their power. They are now of a similar Power to the Ninja Heroes & other “newer” heroes in the game.

Crystalis also got a small reduction in her special skill


Thank you, SG for considering my post after last beta revisit, 7 days ago, really appreciate it, I suggested max 805 power and I am pleased that you returned us heroes with that max value

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She should be named Detoxicandra :rofl:


Karnov special should have been the costume for Quintus

cries in Quintus costume+20 :joy:

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or cries in Variant Horghall?

Rarity: Legendary/5*
Gender: Male
Power: 818 803

Attack: 762 745
Defense: 803 784
HP: 1474 1444

Class: Monk
Element: :new_moon: Dark (Purple)

Mana Speed: Slow

Special Skill: Total Beatdown

  • Deals 260% 290% damage to all enemies
  • Alters the power of all Dark shields on the board. When an attacking hero casts the special, the shields become enhanced with +64% attack. When a defending hero casts the special, the shields become weakened with -57% attack.
  • All holy allies get -24% mana generation for 3 turns. This effect cannot be cleansed.

And Quintus gets…

Thunder Ultimatum

Mana Speed Slow

Effect 1

Deals 270% damage to all enemies

Lower attack, lower health, lower defense…


I don’t have Horghall costume but empathetic cries for Horghall costume “owners” too :sweat_smile:

I don’t have it too but Monk Quintus is just a slightly modified Hoghall :stuck_out_tongue:

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I get where you are coming from, but I think you are comparing apples with oranges. Some S1 5*, including their paywall costumes, will always be behind S3 and new challenge event/S4 5* heroes IMO.

I don’t like it, but it is outside my control.

The Villains have been nerfed and don’t look any greater than the current lot of heroes we already have… especially of SEASON-3.

Also, with yesterday’s announcement that there will be hero upscaling from current levels shows that we can expect existing heroes being BUFFED / strengthened to deal with new meta of 2021 SEASON-4. Whether it will be done free or for some kind of token / paid method has to be seen.

Finally, the main strategy to enable people to chase / SPEND for heroes will be to link hero usage to challenge event points ADVANTAGE, which has already been shared in this forum. That seems fair, coz, the fellows who chase top spots in the challenge events are the players who spend / chase heroes / battle items = regular players can still enjoy the game…
SG earns and keeps the game going…

Good strategy for 2021 seems to be unfolding !!


I don’t know if it’ll work this way, it didn’t seem a non-S4 exclusive nor a underpowered-only one :slight_smile:

@FraVit93 : SP2021 update says : Grow your heroes in power & level them beyond the current max = it is a choice that I will be given… :slight_smile:

the how will be discovered when I comes… viz,

  • which heroes
  • what class
  • paid or free or via tokens available (free / winning / purchased, etc)

there it is…

Yes, and you said that this will help us to deal with a future S4 meta, thus my quote and comment.

@FraVit93 : Do we need to improve existing heroes for existing meta or to deal with future meta that seems to be unfolding…!? Think !!

SG plan seems to answer that…
Season3 is going, soon will be gone… & I wrote about times to come … plans… as I see / understand…
What will be final outcome will be seen when that time arrives… :grinning:

Yes, we will see when it’ll enter BETA but think about this, if it’ll be just another indiscriminate hero’s improvement as emblems are it’ll anchieve nothing but adding another layer of leveling and a possible resource’s bottleneck, far from allowing any hero to catch up with stronger ones.

@FraVit93 : well I ain’t jumping the gun and assuming anything… till it comes…
It serves no purpose & spoils my time till it all actually comes …

What’s the point of the pessimism… then, better to stay away from the game if it is so hurtful, sad,…
Let’s enjoy playing & see what unfolds…

I’m always enjoying my E&P time as I enjoy the other games I’m playing, this is not pessimism but a possible outcome of this new feature.

“Assuming”? Yes, until it’ll enter BETA this is the case but looking at previous ways of “heroes improvement” I’m sure it’ll still be the case even this time.

I hope I’ll be proved wrong :wink:


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