🧪 Early Information on New League of Villains Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v35]

We’re not ignoring their stats. Several of us have complained about them. Repeatedly.

But initially it looked like they had broken stats, a broken effect on challenges, but a “meh” skill, which at least toned them down.

But, nope, they’re just entirely broken, from stats to skills to side effects.


Could it be that your formulas are somehow poorly expressed ??? … or is it me who just can’t understand them.
If I remember correctly Wilbur is -44%
And Guardian Falcon -54%
In addition Asterio the - 54% defense, in any case it would be in the third turn since it is -18% per turn each turn for 3 turns.

In addition, the defense decline does not add up … that of the last hero prevails
In the video you can see Santa + Wilbur + Halcon … and Kaghan’s attack is not devastating at all
Defense Drop

sorry, i wrote them without explainin what i was doing… i try to explain, but it’s self learnt playnig poker and english isn’t my main language so… be patient
the fist debuff (i.e. falcon) is a -54%.
So aplly a -54% means multiply a number for 0.54
We are looking for the defense after buff, so the 100% of defense AFTER the 54% debuff.

With a single debuff you can simply write 100-54, but it doesn’t work combinated with more debuff.

The most complete way to do it is 100*((100-54)/100)
That allows you to add more debuff to your formula

In this way we can calculate more than one debuff correctly


Thank you very much for detailing it.

Beta Update

League of Villains heroes have returned for a second round of testing in Beta V35.4

Various changes to special skills but no change to the base stats, speeds or power of the heroes.

Check the OP for details.


It looks like generally these heroes aren’t as good as the first version but are still all really good when you combine stats and specials.

I like the update to Ingolf to differentiate him from Tiburtus (since I would generally just use Tibs). Now Ingolf looks a bit like a dark Little John.

They changed all them except the most overpowered of them all (Toxicandra). Oh Christ I should send them some good common sense pills.

Toxicandra is still not Toxic at all. I will keep pointing it out until my very last breath :joy:

They should just scrap everything they have planned for this year. Each one of them are bad.


I’m a week late to this, but what an unholy mess. It sounds like the set-up to an lsat logic problem.

The update is fine for me, except I do feel Toxicandra is still OP (but makes me want her so much) and the red 5* hero Isrod update makes him too weak. He was one of the few that was fine before

Just my opinion but I don’t like how red heroes don’t seem to get the damage skills, they get DOTs or other unique abilities (which is fine but happens too often with red, I want more AOE with skills like Ursena or Finley or something like that)

Also, like everyone else I feel these stats do need to be adjusted/lowered a bit (even 20 points in attack/defense would be fine)


A red actually dropping buff duration? Omg reds are finally getting their version of dispel :rofl:

This is inferior to dispel. Why would they just lower buff duration by one? I rather they just dispel the entire buff.
Ah never mind, I get it, so uncleansable buffs are faster to wear off. Never mind I just answered my own question. Situational, but normal dispel is still superior

I would have lowered Power to 805 max, this is too much without emblems

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The update is fine for me.
Those new heroes are still very powerful, but more balanced.

But, please, nerf Toxicandra too.

Stats are too high ! I prefer to have a rather imbalance SS rather than powercreeped stats!

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so anyone got a clue when this event/heros will be???

Seeing as it’s not in live game, no.

Per a clarification I posted in the Villains Event Thread (linked in OP), the plan is to alternate with the other event if a kind.

In this case, League of villains is planned to be an alternate to Pirates. So not until June 2021 at the earliest (pirates was just in Jan21)


Do they going to remove pirate event ? If so y ?

I figured most of this would be a little while away since S3 hasn’t even been fully released yet. I prefer it this way. Seems like hero overload with so much coming out so quickly.

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