🧪 Early Information on New League of Villains Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v35]

Toxicandra looks amazing (fast healer/cleanser)
Crystallis looks like a great flank
Karnov great for titan and rush tourneys/wars.

Rest does not seem so interesting so far
Eh, 3 heroes / 6 is not so bad compared to other challenges

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The game is shifting further and further away from the older players. You basically have to spend more to stay relevant in the game now. S1s have been obsolete and S2s are headed that way. Transitioning to S3s,4s, ninjas and now this means that whatever you’ve done and spent in the last 2 years will be crap within the next year. I can definitely see players saying enough and quitting. It’s not worth it anymore.


I’m honestly thinking the same thing. Might be time to forget about trying to get the goodies and just play for free. I’ve done a great job the last few months only getting deals with 4* ascension items but I think I might as well just go back to an alliance that isn’t overly competitive and just relax


I have made the determination of no spending after getting crap results for so long. Last dime I spent was in October and I won’t fork anymore till at least next spring. And who knows, by then I might not care enough to spend anymore or flat out leave the game.


Shame on SG for pushing these 6* heroes on us… Same problem as s4… Please dont do it SG. Personally doesnt see myself spending anymore if almost 200 points adv heroes come out (comparison to gravmaker stats att/deff)

And btw, for first 3 heroes, they took idea from my proposed Fafnir hero with corrosive burn for 3 rounds :slight_smile:

Shame Fafnir didnt make the cut as supervillian :slight_smile:


Ingolf is a 4* villain.

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MORE HEROES?! SG just chill out.


Ok. I feel adequately stupid now. Sigh.

Tiburtus def down last for 6 turns, Ingolf just 3.

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Karnov, eh?


There are some similarities in appearance :slight_smile:

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How is more heroes and more free pulls making you get “less”?

Its just useless complaining from people who always want everything - you arent supposed to have all heroes no matter if you spend or not

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If the new heroes are stronger and stronger because of the power creep, that means our current hero become less powerful relative to the future meta.


You dont understand my point, and I dont have time to explain it to such a close mind as yours… I can’t help you sorry for that


Yes and thats how it works i would call it inflation - in any mmorpg there is inflation question is how big this gap is.

For example would you discard zimkitha or ursena for those new heroes even if they are lower stats?

The power inflation is too high, that is clear.

I would discard Zimkitha for that Toxihealer… what was the name?.

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MORE heroes…?


toxicandra Catch me if you can!!!

Is she so much better that zim becomes obsolete?

Just make all these 6* very fast or ultra fast, you can do it.

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