🧪 Early Information on New "League of Villains" Challenge Event [Part of The Beta Beat V35]

Good question @koziar993 and this occurred to me too.
I have asked for clarification about it from Staff.
If they provide answer, then I will post it here.


Llevo jugando poco pero la idea de mas eventos ms temporadas me esta gustando gracias por la informacion.

There’s no reason they can’t put villains in for whatever color they want.

I expect it’ll be in February or March if they’re planning on it being the Q1 feature.

In principle true, but they said

Moreover, there is much more dark heroes of new Vallains heroes than other colour heroes. This is a suggestion that purple is reflected (and this version was tested in beta).

In a sneak peek they said “Starting in February (Version 35)” .

Anyway, let wait for the SGG response. Hopefully they clarify issue soon.

I know what Guvnor was told, but I suspect they were originally planning to have it out for January.

I really hope they don’t do 2 purple events back to back.

It has been asked for clarification on that point but nothing back from staff yet.


Beta Update

The league of Villains quest has returned to beta for what is reported to be its final round of testing before being added to the live game.

There do not seem to be any significant/ noticeable changes…

  • score bonus is still there (+2% per event hero in your team for that stage)

  • Event heroes bypass elemental barrier

  • Moderate stat boost to event heroes used.

Regarding timing, it has been indicated that League of Villains will be the February Challenge Event, but all that is subject to change.


Thanks @Guvnor!

Like for the update, not the content of the update! :sweat_smile:

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In challenges I don’t care about the score, I just want rewards for completion of each difficulty. But this is the worst skill/ability ever. Really, score bonus? This is not what heroes should be good at.

Where is the challenge if we can bypass elemental barriers and increase our score by just having those heroes?

I’m sure I didn’t say anything new here, I just want to express my opinion that I don’t like this.

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Remove all these bonus !!!
I dont want to play an event with bonus score, bonus stats when using specific heroes, thats not fair.
This is the worst idea ever and we know that SG has plenty of bad idea !!


You could almost conclude (if Zynga is pulling strings for such decisions), that they wish to destroy SG to have a monopoly in market for future)

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I don’t even try to compete, it shouldn’t bother me at all. And yet i find this bonus thing for events heroes used in that events extremely silly.

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20 characters of thought better of the post.

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SG needs to look at Legendary hero’s pull from 1.3% to be increased atleast to 3%… You spend and you get all 3 star hero’s saying it’s rare hero’s… However I do 30 pulls almost all the hero duplicate hero’s within the pull… Almost every time you fail in getting a 5start hero… This is seriously disappointing…

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