🧪 Early Information on New Knights of Avalon Challenge Event [Part of The Beta Beat V23]

Isn’t it a “Taunt” considered a minion? If so, I believe that you cannot dispell it but only kill it.

Queen of Hearts summons a minion with taunt. Black Knoght gives himself taunt. It’s different.


Oh I understand now! Thank you for clarifying that

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I get the reference, obviously, but he says “just a flesh wound” in the game when the damage drops to 1. Isn’t the funny thing about the bit in Holy Grail that he declares it “just a flesh wound” when he clearly just had his arms cut off? I mean, not really vital here, but, just sayin’…


Yep, it would make much more sense if it were reversed, and he said “just a flesh wound” when he actually took damage.


Either way, I’ve got 12 rings waiting on somebody. Be more than happy to spend them on this guy.

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You and me both my liege

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Ha! Excellent point
20 Monty Pythons

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It should have been a fighter and the dialogue should have popped on his talent :stuck_out_tongue:


I wonder if gobbler is finally going to be important with these new minions wait is the knights taunt considered a minion like QOH

No, Black Knight’s Taunt is a buff, not the result of a Minion.


dang you hold all the info lol thank you very much

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About talent i would’ve liked the most if wilbur had the talent that give a chance to increase damage for each buff the enemy have, like he is literally the only hero that give a buff on enemies so he should the proper owner of that talent, even if the talent is “sorcerer” and he clearly is a “rude” fisherman :stuck_out_tongue: but it would’ve fit him good in my opinion.

We’re no longer guaranteed ETT in completion rewards? I used to look forward to events to get those and pull troops. I wish they’d reconsider that

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No, Epic Completion Rewards no longer contain an ETT.

But I suspect many people will be reasonably happy with that being replaced with:

  • 5 Challenge Event Coins
  • 20 extra Emblems
  • An extra WE Flask

Legendary also loses the EHT, but gains:

  • 7 Challenge Coins
  • 60 extra Emblems
  • 2 extra WE Flasks

Will the event start on the 11th?

That’s the expectation based on the announced schedule, yes.

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We get a pretty good deal on EHT since there’s now 1.5x summons worth of coins. Extra emblems are pretty sweet and because of AR and increased energy costs, I do like extra WE flasks. Overall much happier with new structure.

Mainly slightly sad about losing one guaranteed way to get ETT. It’s hard to get troops in this game (I still don’t have dark 4* troops yet). Hopefully they add more sources to get troops soon.


I can relate, I still don’t have a 4* fire Troop.

It hasn’t entered Beta yet, but the Hero Academy is likely to have a way to train Troops, based on previous information shared by Small Giant Staff. I’m looking forward to seeing how that works, and if there might be a way to eventually train 4* Troops.


will have increased value of gems? or continue 300 gems 01 call?

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