Early Information on New Hero of the Month Families [Part of The Beta Beat v42]

Checked my toxic. Still moderate mana.

Yup. Me neither. Now I look at my CLJ very happily. Lol

% mana gen is a more powerful tool compared to either flat X tile mana per turn or % mana gen boost (this is tile dependent).

I used to think that Margaret only gives 0.8 tile mana per dodge. Cos it said Moderate.

And now…, it’s 24% mana gen. that’s impactful. Very impactful.


I forgot to congratulate you.


Yes, but it’s also transparent and can help people decide who to ascend. I have had Margaret for like 4 months from HA but didn’t plan to ascend her. I have CKadilen so I found it a bit of a waste to level a very similar hero. No with such information I can re-think this, especially for offense, towers, etc. to at least take her to 3/70.

We have always wanted specifics but SGG refused to play ball.

This change to Margaret’s card is a step in the right direction.

SGG should remove all the “vague” references in hero cards and replace with specifics.


Oh I had this Margaret for 2 years already since her debut month. I’m considering giving her tonics now

@PlayForFun can you confirm that? And which heroes actually had this change.

Sorry, I am not sure which heroes are changed and how, and as I do not have Margeret any many other heroes even if there is change on the Hero Card I can not spot that.

I can just report the changes what was in Beta, where we are receiving the changed heroes too.


Can you ask staff about this ? Maybe issue an advisory.

Thank you very much.

It’s just that there wasn’t anything in the beta updates that this text has been updated.

I can ask or lookup the Beta area of the forum.

Can you tell me what should be the exact question ?

Any changes in text description for heroes that give moderate mana? Margaret has a change in her text and it wasn’t in the update

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The Little John costume as well



Edit : Never mind. Looks like it was in v41 Release Notes and no one noticed

  • Improved special skill description for Margaret and costumed Little John

Yeah, didn’t even noticed that for more than a month. Okay case close


Yes, I see it now…

Thanks for finding it :slight_smile:


No change in that wording for Alby. The element link was just added.

Just Margaret and Little John and Elradir was mentioned in the release notes.
Grimble is not changed either.


Why? She didn’t change. Only the description, but it was always around ¼ of total mana.
Don’t get me wrong I always liked her, even before she did damage, pair her with some slow heroes beside and they will survive better and if the dodge charge much faster, also nice tile damage for titans.

oh, I’ve looked at her once more because of her Hotm bonus which is actually a huge deal to her. +20 sword path is already 950+ damage (without limit break). And with the 2019 hotm bonus of 20% more attack on top of her sky high attack, crazy damage for her. The dodge as I figured out later was just a text change, that’s just an incentive to use her. I would say she kinda aged well now.

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