Early Information on New Hero of the Month Families [Part of The Beta Beat v42, v43]

So, elemental link is now always “bonus for all heroes”, except for the HotM of the current year.

Finley’s gonna be really happy about this.


This is a really great buff and might make me finish off some older HOTM I have at 3/70 like Natalya.


Hopefully they will also decide some sort of S1 family bonus too, as they’re now the last heros that lack them.


But will the pioneer generation hotms get elemental links? I don’t think they got any?


@PlayForFun You forgot Aegir

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2020 family bonus is kinda meh. The only hero to benefit from this is raffaele


If we’re gonna give SGG heck when they do stuff we don’t like - and we do, and should - let’s give them credit when they implement something like this that folks have been asking for. Nice job, SGG! (@Petri , @KiraSG ) Thanks for listening to the players on this. :clap: :clap: :clap:

I’m FTP, so I only have a few of these, but I love that Onatel’s element link goes to all heroes now. Already my favorite hero on my roster, and she just got better. That 4% heal each turn has actually saved my butt more times that I ever thought it would. Maybe she goes back on my defense team now?

Also, if Raffale goes off, he’s gonna be a game changer. Heal anyone who is below 50% to 50%, give them massive HoT (buffed by at least 10%, due to family bonus), AND an element link to all that gives them +30% defense against specials? I already thought the dude was criminally underrated, but he could be a monster now. So glad I lucked into him.

Sadly, buffing Zulag’s heal even more and extending her minions to all still won’t be enough to really get me excited about her. And I really want to like her.


Thx, I have added him into the OP

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Positive step indeed. Making older HOTM more relevant. Good to see that even 1 hero gives a bonus already too!


They will be given elemental links.

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I bet they’re doing this to make TOL relevant again. And if they’re really doing this for TOL, would there finally be a long awaited myztero buff?


They will save it for next time in case ToL become irrelevant again.


This is also another free upgrade to the HA10.


+10% attack bonus for all Ice with Frida/Miki
+15% attack bonus for all Ice with Athena

Ice teams attacking Fire Titans really did not need another 25% attack. :slight_smile:

Defeating Fire titans is already nearly broken and some of these changes are going to drastically magnify this.


But of course. To boost revenue from ToL.

Why pull from ToL if you can run HA10? Unless you want the featured HOTM. Or you can’t run HA10 yet.

With the family buffs, plus addition for elemental links for much older HOTMs, and now costumes … ToL will offer “greater value” to those who want to try their luck.

I was discussing Hel with my buddy. Her stats will surge again in relevance with :

  1. Full emblems
  2. LB
  3. Min Mana 23 troop
  4. Family bonuses

I actually started thinking about trying for her in the next ToL. With my saved coins. :joy::rofl:

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Some alliances will need to introduce max hits per player or ballot for the right to use player’s bestest team. :joy::rofl:

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Soo this essentially means with Lv 29 mana troop (or Lv 17 mana troop and his 20th node) Alberich alone can become average speed. Not that I complain, heh.


Any idea of what the 2021 family bonus is?

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That’s nice news in a not so sunny day for sgg. What a pity the hotms i use the most OBVIOUSLY get the worst bonus :joy: :joy:
I can still hope for the 2021 bonus, when i’ll have ascended Malicna Frosth Elradir and Devana

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2017 +Mana Gen
2018 +defence
2019 +attack
2020 +healing
2021? Dodge? Counter? Mana boost ?

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My reaction to this:

  1. Surprise

  1. Disbelief

  1. Elation

  1. “it’s About time!”

  1. Appreciation


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