Early Information on New Hero of the Month Families [Part of The Beta Beat v42, v43]

No. Only for the familial hotms.

When I saw the 2021 FB, I had this suspicion: SGG didn’t accidentally reveal that “secret info”.

They did this on purpose to encourage more players to try to get the last 3 hotms for 2021, if they haven’t been interested in chasing before this.

Think I had too many Halloween Kit Kats. Lol

They “leaked” the same way as it was all players could see all family bonus for 2017-2020 families.
So in the Atlantis portal / Bertilla / click on Legends 2021 icon.

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Would that bonus stack with the hotms that have the Critical Hit bonus, like Grimble - Malosi?

It should.
Family bonus, element link, troop bonus, status effect.
Those 4 things should stack.
So using a crit troop, 3 2021 family members, one (or 2 if you want the element link for all) with crit element link and maybe if you have a hero who gives crit via special skill should result in a very high crit chance.

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I’m not entirely sure how this family bonus will apply in an offense mono team.

Let’s say I go mono holy in offense with Uraeus with his 20% crit family bonus. Will each tile have a 20% higher critical chance? Or is it rather that one in five tiles (because Uraeus is one in five heroes) has a 20% higher critical chance. In the last scenario the overall critical chance of tiles has increased by 4%.

If that mono holy team has Malosi as well giving elemental link to his entire team. Does this jump up to 14% increased critical chance per tile?

Lastly, I’m pretty sure this is not the case but special skills cannot crititally strike right? I think the slash attacks on defense teams can critically strike.



Right. Only stones, slash attacks from heroes on defense and minions can crit.

This can maybe help you too. It’s for blindness and how that effect one or all heroes, but it’s the same with crit.

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Yes, it should.
This Family bonus is not effective just viewable…

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Thanks a lot! That’s very helpful :slight_smile:

Seems like the family bonus is pretty bad then. For 1 hero there will be 1 out of every 25 tiles that critically strikes now. Think you can be happy to even match 25 tiles if you go mono.

Only if you go mono with only one 2021 hero.
Than yes.

But some players either go rainbow, than every moved stone gets 30% crit Chance, which is a nice boost for rainbow.
Or they go something like 2-3, 2-2-1 or similar stacks. If you get lucky getting more than 1 hotm per color this year it could work really well with such a stack.

I didn’t look at it that way! Very interesting :thinking:

I managed to get Bertila, Uraeus, Elradir, Alexandrine and Russell so far. Could be an interesting team. However I don’t think the benefits of 30% crit outweighs the strong heroes like Ariel/Skadi/Alfrike and stuff. Would be fun to play around with it though!

Legends 2020 Family

Bonus for 1/2/3 Heroes:

  • +10% / +15% / +20% healing

Bonus for 2+ heroes:

  • Elemental Link affects all elements allies.

Family members:

  • Vela, Jean-Francois, Telluria, Clarissa, Malosi, Raffaele, Noor, Zocc, Bai Yeong, Zulag, Glenda, Reuben

From 2020 I have only Zoc and Reuben.

Now I know the true purpose of Reuben, to make Zoc elemental link available to all.

about 200 posts… so probably the question already came up, sorry for putting again:
does the bonus stack?
e.g. 2018 family bonus: plus10/15/20% defense with elemental link of Aaron/Alasie/Gravemaker/Gregorion/Drake Fong elemental link gives plus 5% of each attack and defense - so total 5% defense plus 10/15/20 = plus15/20/25 defense ?

If it is exactly the same buff from the elemental link I do not think it stacks. The new one will just overwrite the existing one and will renew the turns if it is turn based.

Oh, you mean the defense from both: the link and the number of heroes.

I think it should stack, the sign for the link is different, isn’t it.

However, I do not have any of those heroes so can not test it.

Although, for example the two different attack ups: from regular attack up and berserker fury do not stack and overwrite each other.

The Family bonus is applied to the proper HoTM family members, and it should stack with the elemental link.


Can someone help answer this or is it a bug. The new 2017 elemental link is supposed to give non-dispellable +15% att/def. However after it was activated, enemy’s Kunchen def- overwrite it. (Screenshot).

Furthermore, I tried to use 2017 heroes with this new EL as a counter to defense down hero like Frigg to no avail. In fact, the way the card is written, isn’t it supposed to also overwrite it if my hero fires? For example, I would let Frigg fire first, then fire Mushashi or Athen in hopes of overwritting Frigg’s def- but it doesn’t work!!! Frigg’s def- is still active on my heroes and only the first part of the EL, the att+ is active. Any response would help, thanks.

E link is different from status effect. Could only cancel out each other in this case

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What I have written the OP is now visible in the live game too:

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You can clearly see that both are active.
Element link and normal status effects can’t overwrite each other but they stack.

If we look at Athena with 837 defense and kunchen firing she should have - 285 defense, but she only has - 202 defense, that’s because the +15% def from the element link is active at the same time.

So, not overwritten but stacked.

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