🧪 Early Information on New Clash of Knights Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v42]

Me neither.
There weren’t any Balance changes in Beta either…
Just the skill names were changed in Beta and that’s all.

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Me neither.

Anyone knew heroes like Ludwig is op and theoretically, they will be nerfed before release. The only reason for they did not nerf these heroes, I can guess, is the spending for new events and magic tower are way lower than their goal or expectations. Thus, they release these broken heroes.

I’m really afraid they will nerf these heroes afterwards by using imbalance as an excuse.

Following what they did with the Villians and Circus heroes, I expect Ludwig and Quenell will be getting buffed substantially before Christmas.


I have Quenell, so I’ll take it :laughing:

They can do what they like to Ludwig and Wolfgang. Give them the Telly treatment. It’s fine.

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