🧪 Early Information on New Clash of Knights Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v42]

Is it already known, if clash of heroes will be this month now, as you predicted around 11-13th?

There is still no official information about it, but I am still expecting it in that time range as that’s the only free slot in the calendar this month, and SG does not like to wait to collect money from new events.

We will know more tomorrow as there’s is 1 day countdown like any challenge events.


First iteration of Telly seems quite weak compared to Ludwig, especially when this special has a chance to be undispellable.

Meaning, when you start with a bad board, and you can’t do anything to stop him firing his undispellable special - this is basically the end.

We only have to wait for some crazy synergies, like Telly + Vela vol.1 and the saga continues.

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I can see this synergy in M raid formation:

Ludwig in center, Frigg/Morel + Odin in the second row.

Ludwig gets charged by tiles, which will charge Frigg + Odin 3 times in 6 turns, and they are protected from tiles until you take out one hero from the first row.

Will this synergy get balanced prior to release? or will they let players have fun with the synergy for a bit before balancing it?

What are the current colors? I know circus and slayers - am I not remembering another one?

Villians is Purple, but the Red and Green reflects have not hit beta

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They let players spend money to get Ludwig before they eventually balance him. :yum:


How exactly does Wolfgang’s health boost work? It reads “After 4 turns, the caster boost health of all allies”. So if he dies before 4 turns is up, does that mean he doesn’t boost HP? Or does he give a buff to allies that is a delayed HP boost in 4 turns (so won’t depend on if caster is alive)?

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If Wolfgang dies, then there is no HP boost.

So it works like Gullinbursti’s delayed attack.


So I just noticed that it seems there are only 2 heroes in Raven family (Wren and Aderyn). So it’s impossible to get the bonus for 3 heroes of 50% chance to make a cast ailment uncleansable lol.

And people almost never use 3* and 4* on the same team so basically the entire family bonus is worthless.


Correct, this was my observation to Staff to in Beta.

I suspect that later there will be Wolf themed Alliance Quest.


Wouldn’t that be so slow? Average and on top of that you have to wait 4 more turns.

So looks like Clash of Knights starts tomorrow. Also, they introduced VIP Phoenix.

Yeah, a VIP offer is online too… The Sale of Aethers continue (in the Haloween offers too).

ViP-P offers everything that can be got free, just faster…
CoK tomorrow is exciting & will carry specific to the event coins…

Excited! New event on the horizon and I get to work with my alliance team. Woo hoo! I just wish I had a little more time to save gems sadly only enough for a few singles &a 10. But still very Interesting challenge.

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Quest is kinda stale. Nothing really new besides the heroes. Traffic must have been really slow on the Ninja portal so they rushed it. If they want my money maybe they can tweak the quest a bit. Not sure how but this is like farming and the rewards are meh. I did it because I didn’t want to deny my team the chance to advance to legendary. I’m sure the super competitive crowd might enjoy it but to me it’s another chore. Good luck to those who summon!


No adjustments before release! I can’t believe it!

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Me neither.
There weren’t any Balance changes in Beta either…
Just the skill names were changed in Beta and that’s all.

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