🧪 Early Information on New Clash of Knights Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v42]

honestly, i’m a little baffled by those who say ‘stop with the new events!!!’ … like … okay yeah, each new event brings with it more ‘op’ heroes, but wouldn’t you prefer that a game you play gets updates like this (particularly for alliance quests too since before this year it’s been a while since new ones were added), than sticking to the same few events, year, after year?

I like how SG is really mixing things up this year. Just my two cents. :slight_smile:


I prefer of they add new events like this rather than repetitive uninnovative new Challenge Events/Season/Tower but they better not attach new OP heroes with it, if it is not OP, it is okay.


If only I had as many tonics in my mats inventory as I do in my kitchen cabinet. Chameleon has been waiting, and will be waiting, behind Eiora and Elradir. But he may jump the line if this Ludwig taunter becomes a thing.

What tonics is in kitchen cabinet?

The vodka and gin type. And a new bottle of Jack Daniels.


The whole thing is just like challenge event but your scores attached to your alliance.

G cham has always been phenomenal, but quite complex to use. And people get turned off by his colour change which is a shame. His super dispel is the reason why I can crush any rush stall team. Fire him at the right time and he can turn the tables almost instantly

Blue 5* that counters Elizabeth behind huge paywall?


they surely wont do it without taking money in return…

There is this episode in South Park where the evil toy company keeps releasing a new toy every week and either Kyle or Stan cannot keep up and is always appearing with the toys from last week when meeting the others and is always one step behind about which toy is in fashion right now.

At least we are not confused about which toys are fashionable right now and at least we don’t make fun of the other kids when we see them playing with the old toys :smiley:


Or they could use the time to improve the old existing content instead. But that doesnt bring them any money, so why bother.


So you could just set up a rush war defense with a Ludwig tank and 2 Alfrike flanks and it would probably work. What.

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Won’t the taunt limit Chameleon to just the taunt duff? So it could remove an undispell able taunt but nothing else? I’m not sure how GC works with taunt.


Very Well. GC removes everything :grin:

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This is a total joke. The game is now 100% a zynga cash cow money grab. These heroes are just so brokenly OP I will quit on the spot if these get released as they are. Instead of actually improving gameplay or existing features all they are focused on is churning out more and more increasingly OP heroes and portals into the already packed calendar. They are killing the game and only the fattest whales will be able to keep up. 6 turn taunt is just a joke. And don’t get me started on the special power buffer Quinell at fast speed. Just a total joke of a cash grab.


I have Chameleon and he removes the taunt, but any other buffs that other allies have remain.



I still don’t have S4 5*, so you can say that I (Stan) also play with toys from last week.


It won’t have any good rewards. It’s just being released as a ‘we’re listening to the players’ event, but as usual it will be nothing more than a greedy cash grab from $G. The game now panders to whales only, as they are the ones bringing in the cash for Zynga.

It looks they are desperate with this annual results… Q4 needs to be it!!

All-in for the Q4


Of course it does, because greedy SG have to keep grabbing money from the whales somehow.

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