🧪 Early Information on New "Clash of Knights" Alliance Quest [Part of The Beta Beat V42]

Hello, can you add a visual about this event, can you explain the details such as awards and rules with visuals, can you give details in advance so that we know how to prepare before starting the event?

Sorry, visuals are not allowed to be shared from Beta.

The Rules and evey other information is written in the OP.

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Master discussion topic has been added for the new Quest:

Has anyone left their alliance, joined a different one, then returned to their original one? Trying to see what happens to the alliance event progress. I need some titans for PoV!

You lose your participation in the event if you leave and return.

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Okay, will my current score still contribute? Don’t think our small group of 10 will make it to the 10 mil mark.

Yeah believe whatever you do before you go is locked in but you lose the rewards if you leave.

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So I had a blast doing the quest with my peeps. How does this work on rotation?? Basically when is the next one??? This was the best addition sg has done in a while. Ty @Petri and staff for doing something that was fun and exciting.

Anyone know when the next is?

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Nov New & improved MT
Dec Probably ToM
Jan 2022 CoK Ravens quest ?


Lmao. Figures u would know :crazy_face: :kiss: :beer: :popcorn: ty

LUCKIEST Player in E&P!!!

How often will this event be?

There is no official communication about this.
One thing seems to be sure:
This will not be held next month.

This may return in every 2, 3 or if a Raven version is released too, then 4 months.


Qu’on pensez-vous maintenant hihi

Any word yet on when this event will be coming up ?

1 event already happened
2 next time we’ll see it is January 5


Any tips on team?
I know Gato is alright to us against fire status every 4 turn

Where is the thread that lets me complain about rewards vs effort? The end reward chest is like a kick in the teeth and needs to drastically improve

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Here you go. Vent away.

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