🧪 Early Information on New "Clash of Knights" Alliance Quest [Part of The Beta Beat V42]

I have tried to search for information about heroes you used for this event and battle items. But no luck :blush:

Can you enlighten some tips? :heart:

Or guide me if you have already written about this :slightly_smiling_face:

Once again - Thanks a lot for your great work here :kissing_heart:

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I have used my standard event team for this Quest too.


Items: Axe, Dart, mana poitions


Items: Bomb attack, Axe, Dart, mana poitions


Items: Dragon attack, Bomb attack, Axe, Tornado

The first iteration of this event in Beta was very easy.
The second iteration with Monster special skill was harder a bit.
Especially the Legendary tier.

A cleanser hero or green poition can be helpful as of you get the -40% attack + burn damage, then you can win harder.

About unlocking the Tiers:
Epic can be unlocked fast if you have active players.
Legendary unlocking is harder.
In beta it took about a day to unlock it with a 30 member alliance.


Hmm, no sign of the event but unless they want to replace something tomorrow looks like only possible schedule. It could be they force update tomorrow then roll event right away. Anyhow I hope they won’t replace NT … Or maybe yes … I dunno.

I don’t think there will be NT this month. Think it’s CoK.

The calendars were released. SGG must have looked at them. Then they issued an announcement about ToL and CC alternating with each other.

They stayed silent on NT. Maybe cos they weren’t sure if they could roll out V42 fast enough.


As the event countdown is still not present I think it will be held instead of Ninja Tower.


With magic tower, monthly challenge event, it is hard to recover material wise to be competitive….

Will clash of knight replace ninja tower this month?

We will see it within 3-4 days…


Do we know what battle items are allow? Like the standard challenge event or like the ninja tower ( where scroll and Hericane are allowed)?

The same battle items are allowed, which are allowed for standard challange events.

So these are allowed:

  • Maximum 2 star battle items for Rare, and maximum 3 star heroes with 2 star troops.
  • Maximum 3 star battle items for Epic, and maximum 4 star heroes with 3 star troops.
  • Maximum 4 star battle items for Legendary, and all heroes and troops.

So Hunter’s Lodge items are not allowed.

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Thank you. Cannot wait to see GGWP and last regiment battle.

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And suspicious chests are not included in this event.
So there is 1 random factor less in the event for gaining good scores.


Oh no chest? Mhm…… for newer eventers, it would be easier to go without chest…

Thanks for sharing! :blush::pray: Awesome!

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Do I undertand the loot correctly: after completing the event on all levels you get only 10 coins, so there is just one free pull?

Yes, you can get only 10 coins in total if you complete everything + some random items (total: 9).

This is bad news. I think the community (at least here on the forum) is already quite angry about recent moves by SGG. This one will not be welcomed very well.

Why are you wondering, lately they do everything just for money, again an event in which only the strongest will take the best prizes, a new portal from which the whales will have everything, and the weak will be satisfied only with the heroes who they nerfed and nothing else.

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There’s a lot of complaint topics here that can be used for comments about how crappy people think it is.
Having fun together with your teammates is for free… Unless you pay them to play together with you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’m not complaining, I’m just saying what the reality is, and as for the fun with mine teammates … at least I don’t see any fun in this event that I will have with them, in beta were given very good ideas how to be a real alliance event but now it will be a pure normal challenge event, nothing more.

If they replace NT we will see tomorrow morning whether Tower Imminence Indicator shows up. Anyhow the last update was forced today morning so there is seemingly nothing preventing SGG from releasing the event, and they are not known for their patience.

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