🧪 Early Information on New "Clash of Knights" Alliance Quest [Part of The Beta Beat V42]

is an alliance with only 3 members (about level 65-ish each person and casual players) able to score highly enough to open epic and legendary stages?

Don’t think so.

Rare, 10 levels = about 400k each, maybe 500k with items.

Need 2500,000 points to access Epic.
Then 10,000,000 to access Legendary.

Think need minimum 7 pax (?) to be safe.


Legendary won’t be likely

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ok thx.

we are retired player, but maybe we just need to move to another allance for the quest sake temporarily, then goes back to home after the quest is over

So here’s a thought; if you’ve nothing good to say, try not saying anything at all? I get people want to complain here, but the relentless bashing of every new thing SG is trying this year / releasing is wearing me out.


Why not find enough players of like mind who are doing a “retired” playstyle for a permanent home? Then you can get better titan rewards as well as being able to fully participate in the new event.


I have another question.

Supposedly you want to go out and merc during the event. What are the penalties? Do you still get normal loot when you return back to the alliance before the event ends?

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In Beta I could score about 500-550k in Rare, and 1100-1200k in Epic+Rare combined.

So for Rare 5 very active player needed.

So for unlocking Legendary it would be good to have about 9 active players.


You should be fine. This operates like a challenge event in the other game so I imagine it’s the same here.

nice ideaaaaaa. 20 char

Blah blah. This is a forum, if you dislike other people opinion and dont have anything good to say too then don’t say anything at all as well.

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When will this event take place? in October or November?

We are waiting for the announcement. If V42 is forced before 11 Oct, then maybe in October.

Or maybe it replaces NT.

No official announcement yet.

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I do not have any information on it either, but I suppose it will happen in October.
In Beta this event was two days long, and when I looked at the calendar created by player I am seeing only one possible date range (11 - 13 October).

So that’s my best guess.
I think V42 update will be forced at the end of this week.


I’m looking forward to this event because the alliance link should be fun, and the heroes are another leap. Thanks to PFF for providing so much early info. I wrote a Clash of Knights quest guide here. Thanks!


Nice Guide.

Just a note in Ludwig’s mana charge to nearby allies.

  1. Turn: +16.67% mana
  2. Turn: +33.33% mana
  3. Turn: +50% mana
    (You can fire your nearby heroes now even if their mana was 0% and you are not changing those heroes with tiles )
  4. Turn: +66.67% mana
  5. Turn: +83.33% mana
    (You can fire nearby heroes again)
  6. Turn: +100% mana
    (You can fire nearby heroes again)
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So during the 6 turns, nearby will fire off 3 times?

Also, does he benefit from any mana? Thank you.

Btw, that sounds crazy op - no wonder the formation nerf.

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Can I also ask one more question (I can’t find it on the forum): Wolfgang’s second skill (the -50% damage). Is that for all allies, or just him? Thank you!

Damage reduction was just for him. He is a pain to kill if he fires on defense.

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Ludwig: Only the nearby allies gaining mana, and him does not.

Wolfgang: only him getting -50% damage

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