🧪 Early Information on New "Challenge Festival" Challenge Event [Part of The Beta Beat V44]

Shouldn’t this be the other way around?

3 heroes and costumes share on the 1% chance.
And 22 share on the 1.5% chance.


Ah, so there’s no costume yet for the non featured heroes.

7 of those 22 other Legendary heroes will have costumes.

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Oh now this sounds like a great event! :heart_eyes: definitely gonna hoard gems to do this, not really fussed about season 4 or magic tower next month, atlantis maybe. The portal for this sounds amazing! :grin:

My only question would be… for legendary , is it worth levelling up Rumpel? :thinking: i was looking at who I got , and he’s likely the only one I have that is a healer that won’t get chicken affliction? Would anyway recommend to bring Boltusk for epic then ? :thinking: either way, sure sounds like it’s gonna be a tricky one!


Kesinle değer çok iyi hero

Had this question for a while and just now remembering to ask - does the chicken curse actually block buffs to attack, defense, mana gen, etc. from ever attaching to your heroes? I’m assuming so, as uncleansable ailments usually can’t be flipped, nor can their effects be lessened by contrary buffs.

I anticipate having to play with a lot of cursed heroes, as I have only G. Bat, G. Falcon, Hansel, and Gretel that will be immune. So it sounds like the best strategy will be to bring lots of debuffers, since the most common buffs won’t work.

Good question this.

My assumption was that the Chicken Curse reduces Hero stats as stated in Card by 25%, plus reduce mana gen by 25%.

Meaning :

  1. Troops should help to offset some
  2. Buffers should help to offset some too
  3. Family bonuses should help some
  4. HOTM links too

I hope I am right. :)))

Otherwise … it will be a serious nightmare for me. Lol


You and me both!

20 stupid chickens


Here is a summary of the my bonus chest rewards taken from 1150 summons in beta. There are FOUR rolls per chest, and they seem to be random among the whole set of items (meaning you could possibly get four 4* ascension mats (maybe ? I’ve only seen 2x in one chest). But if you want the % odds per chest average then multiply by 4.

I think a ~20-25% shot at the the 4* ascension material rates are overall the same or higher than previous portals, with more & better items filling in the crafting material slots.


I learn alot from the top discussion. Love it seriously. Thanks!

Despite of actual pulling this event looks hella fun to actually PLAY, at least on paper.
Reading these thread I’m starting to suspect you actually forgot it’s a game, and its main feature is to bring fun to players.
I’m waiting. Not for heroes, but for fun, challenging event, where I won’t just press autoplay out of boredom.


If this event is not changed, then autoplay will not be possible here :slight_smile:

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Beta Update:



Can you please relay 100% information coming from SG staff on the fact that the old Challenge event coins will indeed be available at a rate of 10 coins per summon in the Challenge Festival and that they won’t happen to change it in the meantime?

I just don’t want to be caught by surprise if SG decided to change as a last minute issue the fact that the old currency could be used for free summons in the Challenge Festival portal.

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They have not written than anywhere that 10 Challange coins can be used for a pull, but

Staff calling it as Challange event:


All Challenge events have challenge coins as “currency” in the game.

We could used them in Beta, and we have seen the same suspicious chest what we usually have on any challenge events, and they are also dropped the same kind of coin what we already have.
And you can pull with 10 coints in all challenge events.

Staff have never changed the currency (and the amount of them what is needed for a pull) for any events after they first seen in Beta.

So I expecting it to be the same 10 what we saw in the previous Beta.


So its get harder by all these rules und conditions and the reward is the same? What kind of ■■■■■■■■.
Its just another way to have people invest money. Cause without any family hero you have lower chances…
Thats not a balanced and fun gameplay thats just expoiting new and low invest players.

Higher the rewards and lower the ■■■■■■■ prices. This game makes too much money and rewards the player with less fun.
Hope they adjust these crappy event rules.


@PlayForFun Do we know yet if this new Black Friday portal will be a yearly event or if it’s just a one-time thing? I hope it’s the former and not the latter.

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As it is developed and it is now in the game I think we will have it next year too, but this is my guess only.
Staff have not told anything about it.


Thanks! This was definitely one of the best things they’ve ever done. Kudos to whoever came up with the idea.

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