🧪 Early Information on New "Challenge Festival" Challenge Event [Part of The Beta Beat V44]

It is possible to win rare 10 with:
Grevle, Tyrum, Sudri, Shrubear and Pixie

Grevle to overheal.
Tyrum to dispell buffs (Eg: Taunt from bosses)
Sudri just to deal damage.
Schubbear for Taunt at boss stage (which can be stolen by The Hatter)
Pixie: to block boss specials to activate (Eg: The Hatter to steal Taunt))


Is there any chance my chicken 3* heores without emblems or limit broken and troops mostly lvl1 can make it through rare stage 10? I don’t mind battle items I have quite a lot to waste :sweat_smile:

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Even if you have all of them it’s problematic, as for example the batch of original 3* CE heroes does not have a healer (yes, I am aware top players don’t usually use healer, but the aim is to survive here). There is that lemur in new batch, which should not be that hard to pull given the odds and no S1 heroes, but you know how RNG can be. The shifting elemental reflect only complicates things further, so one can’t use same team for everything (so you can’t use Lemur in Teltoc stages).

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I made at least 15-20 failed attempts on Rare 10 with chicken heroes at max emblemed (some Limit broken) and battle Items and level 14-15 Troops.

But those attempts have taken without Grevle.

As @Nightmare2048 wrote.
On these last stages a healer is a must. Battle items can help, but they are far from enough. They are just scratching the bosses on these 6-7 minute fights.


This means retired heroes?

This means any hero from not one of these events:


There’s only 5 rare in that list!

Ok… how about this:
We can level a 5* in 30 minutes.
You know… the royal “we”
@NittanyLionRoar can do 2 in 1 hour.

So… if you have gems saved. Make your pull in advance!
It is fairly easy to level a 3* in less than 30 minutes! And also appears you have a very high probability to get new rares out of this portal. Very…

Do Not Eat Dupes When Leveling

After your 3* is max’d, feed it a single dupe for 100% chance skill upgrade

Then you will have some nice options for composing a team.


Hopefully @SamMe between events I always try to make battle items with my excess of ham and iron. Been prepping for next week already and got more then enough. Not sure if I will need or use many items with this Festival event, sounds like I should be even glad I can finish this event in all the ranks :sweat_smile: I just LB my Master Lepus so by the time this event runs he will be at max.

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There are five new ones in beta too so you might have to power level multiple

The OP is updated with rewards of Epic and Legendary Tiers + Stage stats and rewards for the stages I could finish until now.

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Any reason we’re getting so many rogue emblems for completion?

Done by a game buddy. In case anyone finds it useful


Is buddy going to add the new heroes too?

Lots of druid and rogue emblems. My most needed. Hope that stays. Both good classes.

Hate to earn useless Barbarian emblems in events.

so what is the best strategy for these new type of events where damage diminishes with each same color hero.

If I run Bauchan with four other 3* red chicken heroes, does the chickens got the mana augment buff from bauchan? Thanks in advance

Lol I will beep her and request for an update.


Thanks for the confidence. I do indeed have several tricks up my sleeve, however I am reluctant to reveal them yet. I’d rather save them for the Festival because 1) Not sure if they will work 2) Recent dealings with SG and the Ninja Tower shows that in some cases they are ready to change the rules of their own game the sooner someone manages to beat them by those same rules, so if I reveal my tactics too early here, they may make additional tweaks to counter it prematurely.

One thing I will say though, mainly to those who don’t want to waste gems on summons or are otherwise f2p/c2p.

  1. Farm extensively Rare challenge Guardians of Teltoc event stage 3 in order to get most probablilities of Challenge coins. Use up your WE flasks by doing so.

  2. Don’t use your Challenge coins on Teltoc and keep your fingers crossed that SG won’t trick us in the last possible second, denying us the option to summon from the Festival with Challenge coins

  3. Amass a ton of feeder heroes hanging above your Training camps and a lot of food. For those who have Hero Academy, you may consider reserving a ton of food for HA 1 and HA 3 to produce some 1* and 2* feeders fast. Use all your challenge coins to summon event heroes at the festival - you should get at least enough good 3* s. Use the food/feeders reserves at the Festival to immediately level up two 3-2 teams of 3* heroes (to cover up for all reflection scenarios) for the Rare Festival challenge event. If you have enough coins assembled, you should get at least one decent event 4* amongst the mix to level up. If you do, level it as well. If you don’t, no biggie. It’s important to cover Rare. My other tactic is focused on completing Epic/Legendary Festival event.

And we are waiting for the Festival for the other tips and tricks.


Epic 10 is now beaten:
Kirill + Wu Kong + Proteus + Wilbur + Mist
(Some gems are needed to finish, but as it was a close call I have used gems so that I can finish it)

Now Legendary is complete too.
That was the easiest tier of this event. I was not much harder than any other challange event.
So the standard heroes are good there.

Time stops and Tornado are helpful to Legendary to stay alive on monster and boss waves.

I have have added stage stats and rewards to the OP.


Updated version. With the 5 new 3* now in beta


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