🧪 Early Information on Mythic Titans [Part of The Beta Beat V33 & V34]

Thanks, I think they dialled up the damage a little this last beta testing.

Will update accordingly now.

Can anyone plese clarify how will the ranking will work. Will it take an alliance average attack value such as Total Score/Number of Players or will it work as Sum of all Alliance member attack total ?

as these two calculation methods are extremely important. If the latter is the choice , that will be a dead sentence for many small alliances and can create extremely toxic behaviour on alliances.


it should be total damage from the whole alliance regardless the number of player


Note tho, you only can contribute to the alliance score for the alliance you were / are in at the start of the Mythic Titan event. Leaving/ avhaing/ Joining an alliance after the Mythic Titan Spawns means you will not be able to add/ contribute to the new alliances Mythic Titan Score & Ranking (nor get their rewards I presume).

Did the team evaluate how much small alliances will be affected with this calculation?

In what way do you mean “evaluate”

When you design an event such as this ( alliances race against each other for better loot ) and design the average to SUM of all. You eventually make a stand as a company:

If you are in a small alliance, you have no chance of getting good results, leave your alliance and join other busy alliances.

This may be a death sentence to many small alliances.


i do not really think this is a bad thing. I meant im not in a top 100 alliance and just arrived to 29 cause took about 5 of the best players of our “academy-like alliance” and now we can finally say that we got a good number of members that will stay; but like a month ago we was about 23 and we had not enough space for a fusion with another alliance but a number of places that is hard to fit in all.

With this i hope that small alliances or lonely players will take a rush of adrenaline and join middle-big (20-25 members about) to full the alliance and become even a bit competitive and so players stop leave alliances with no reason or for stupid reasons.

In my opinion small alliances should not ezist if not for player who play casually and do not really care or do not have time to compete in something.

I don’t think so, Being 1001st alliance does not differ at all from being 100.000th. The loot is so poor (8 battle and 8 crafting items for a top alliance, not counting emblems), that you can play, have fun and not care about the rank. Any way most alliances are far away from being able to compete for ranks 1-100.

And if you do it on a basis of how many people are in the alliance then it encourages top hitters to form solo alliance.

To continue your hyperbole, it could be a death sentence to top alliances.

Or, more likely, everyone will realize that the reward for alliance doesn’t matter enough compared to all the other aspects.

SGG wants big alliances. That’s been clear for some time.

For what it’s worth, this has always been SG’s standpoint on alliances. The Titans themselves are proof enough of that.

Loot recieved from a 4* titan is paltry compared to the loot recieved from a 14* titan. The drive/ incentive has always been there to work your way up & into bigger & better alliances.

Better/ More heroes = More damage = better loot = better / More heroes etc…

It’s the model that the game was built on… It’s not really surprising that the MT follows this standpoint is it…?

For what it’s worth, having less small recruiting alliances can help the game in the end…

Currently there is an over-abundance of Alliances all trying to recruit… But there just aren’t enough recruits to fill every alliance that wants them… You can see it if you take a stop in the In-Game chats… or those who’ve been a recruiter for an alliance before will tell you how hard it is to find recruits…

Too many people striking out on their own & wanting to run their own show compared to the number of people to populate said alliances.

So, if there’s more incentive for the multitude of smaller alliances to come together as a merger for example, both parties would end up happier… Just a thought anyways.


I feel that would be best for the game in general. With as many people and useally the bigger players leaving a by the bunches. There are way to many alliances out there trying to fill up without enough players to fill them all up. Meaning it will ruin a few alliances and grow a few as well. Or people will start merging to make bigger alliances. Either way we get rid of a few alliances to better the game.

As always, thank you for the amazing information.

For the first time +20% bonus and the fatiguing. Do costumes count as a first time hero if we already used the regular version?

So, If I use Horghall (because I would?!) and he gets the +20% and the next fight I use Costume Horghall, will he get the +20% too?

A hero = a hero, regardless the costume bonus / costumed or not.

Just as on Tavern Quest. It’s up to you if you use the costume or not but once used, that hero counts as used.


You can see like this: a costume is not a different hero; it is the same hero but with a cooler look, ability and class (most of the times at least :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


Hi @Guvnor ,

thanks for the detailed infos. As I was preparing an Info for my alliance mates in German, I stumbled upon the different timings.

Could you confirm, which timing is right? New watchers spawn every 2 or 3 turns?


Not 100% sure.

Pretty sure it’s what’s in the tooltip… But can’t remember if it changed / what the final version looked like.


This is what we saw in the last round of beta that included Mythic Titans.


Thanks, I’ll update the OP in the other sections.

Thank you very much for your help @VeryQuietly

Do you also recall how the battle item interference worked?

The tooltip again says: every 2 turns an item is locked for the next 3 turns
whereas the following text says every 3 turns an item is locked for 3 turns.

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