🧪 Early Information on Mythic Titans [Part of The Beta Beat V33 & V34]

And thank you for your kind response. We are still testing this. I hope to test how well each level of heroes does with out using any craft. Lol
Maybe they will give participation loot when it rolls out. We can hope😃

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You participate in the event and your scores go towards the rankings.

No, I outlined this in an earlier question / comment. It’s per use… period.

There IS an opt out thing. Just don’t do it. It’s that simple.

War is a wholely different kettle of fish as it PAIRS you against another alliance based on the relative strength of opted in players… If people were/ are opted in who WON’T use flags, this is obviously a disadvantage to the alliance in the alliance war.

Mythic Titan “alliance” competition aspect is LITERALLY just a summing of the scores for members… Opting out vs. not using flags will literally make no change…


It be up to the alliance to choose what is more important for the mythic titans.
With a pov challenge that will be on titans next no doubt, smaller or medium may wanna complete that task more, it is always going to be trail and error with the first time.

We saw a lot of alliances broken up when part of the alliance liked war, part hated it and part did not care.

I could see some players hating Mythic Titans, and leaving their alliance over it.

From all that I have heard, Mythic titans sounds like the worst of Legendary tier Challenge events and 5* tournaments.

Hopefully they will add completion rewards to Mythic Titans before release or v2.0 ( looking at you Alchemy Lab ).

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mood, lol:

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(from an anonymous other who I don’t know and don’t wish to spotlight :wink:)


That make no sense. All alliances should participate it if a member do not want to participate it is his own business for the alliance could be considered to be in 1 less then they really are; yes, it is a little disadvantage for the alliance but leaving for not wanting to participate have no sense to me.

If some1 really do not want to do it just dont do and do what i did in challenge event (tetlock, pirates, ecc…) when i started playing, just do 1 level (attack in this case) and it’s done you get a free loot (even if bad cause of the worst tier possible) but its always free loot.

It could be the opposite instead that the alliance do not want the player to be in the alliance for not participating but not the player leaving for his own mind because he do not want anything more to do in the game.

Personally i hope there wont be a “opting out” button for leaders and co always for the same reason you just say “i do not want\ do not have time to do it” and you attack just whenever you can and if you really cant find that 2:30 (if i remember correct) mins for attack just do automatic like you do for monster chest or normal titan when you have 3 attacks and no time in that moment for do it by your own self.

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If you care about such things better get 30 members

The good and smart thing about this game is that all the complications are gated so you don’t experience more complexity than you can handle at the start. When you’ve been around a while you forget things like costumes not unlocking until level 18


Or just don’t use items maybe?

I imagine in some alliances there would be pressure to participate to help the overall score.

I would also imagine that in such alliances people wouldn’t have to be reminded if they’re that competitive.

The problem is:

If we opt-out in AW, other alliance members do not lose anything. This is because we have equal number of players in AW.

If we opt-out in Mystic Titan, other alliance members will get lower rank in alliance category. This is because we don’t contribute or just become a dead weight.

Instead of fun way to play with alliance members, this can be alliance-breaker.

I fail to see how putting an “opt out” button in changes anything…

It’s either opting individuals out, in which case there is no difference to said individuals just not participating…

Or it opts the entire alliance out, in which case it’s still and alliance breaker as some members WOULD want to participate…

Realistically, unless you’re in a competitive alliance, most people will (or should) see it as just an extra bonus bit of loot …

I fully expect the loot to be average to terrible for all alliances outside the 100 mark… 250 at best… So for me, whatever loot we gets, we gets.


Not wrong

Upon further reflection, instead of favoring @yelnats_24 opinion over @Guvnor opinion.

I feel that neither of you is wrong.

Some alliances will most likely be broken up for reasons @yelnats_24 state but in the long run NEW players will agree with @Guvnor ( looking at you tournament loot )

Merciless RNG


I do think it will increase the burn out rate for Elder players. It will be another activity to divide alliances AND it will be visible to all alliance teammates. Similar to titans, and war.

There are a lot of complaints on the forum of “too much to do” but I think is is more “too much merciless RNG rewards”. If the only way to get Gravemaker is Taverns, but the odds are so low, it makes balancing the rewards/ resources/ penalties nearly impossible for the average human without a PhD in probability mathematics.

Tournaments, and Mythic Titans, fall into this category of being resource intensive but having highly variable rewards.

Another rant. Move along, move along, nothing new to see here

Business model

I think the basic flaw in Empires business model is adding more to do, but preventing the new content from impacting the profitable 5* HotM/ 4* ascension item/ Hero XP micro transaction marketplace.

So a lot of recent additions offer the theoretical chance for 5* HotM/ 4* ascension items, but the odds are so low as to be an unreliable source of 5* HotM/ 4* ascension items.

Public perception

It is similar to an employer reducing you base salary each year but adding more bonuses. It makes it very hard to plan when your end of year paycheck can fluctuate so much.

If the bonuses are heavily influenced by already having a high bonus, it further reinforces the idea that “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”.


(When will raid tournament loot be returned to original loot? [Developer Response in Post #194] Answer = Never :-()


I never talk about button.

It is just that we can chose not to participate in AW without becoming burden to other members.

But it is different with Mystic Titan. If we don’t participate, we will just lower their rank. It would be better for the alliance if we get out of the alliance so they can find member who want to attack the Mystic Titan.

In AW, someone who do not want to participate can opt-out without becoming a burden, but in Titan/Mystic Titan, someone who do not want to attack is consuming slot that could be filled by others.

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I think the problem lies here:
The scoring is based on the total of the alliance, so if you have 30 members and all 30 do 100,000 damage, then there is 3,000,000 total damage

If the same alliance has 30 members but one “opts-out” then you’ll have 2,900,000 damage.

If the same alliance has 30 members but one does not participate, you have a total of 2,900,00 damage.

If another alliance has 29 members and everyone participated then you’ll have 2,900,000 damage on the titan.

It makes no difference if you “opt-out” or not. Not using your flags or “opting out” will hurt your alliance as it will have the same overall affect.

If they change the scoring to something like the average damage per person of the alliance or if they paired alliances head to head like in wars then you might have point with regards to an “opt out” button. but that has its own issues as it would favor smaller alliances.

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That same logic applies to regular titans though. Do you kick people that don’t hit the Titan? Do they have to hit for a certain amount on each Titan? I know of competitive alliances where both are true, and I expect it may become true for this as well in them.

But, honestly, if you’re not in the top 1% or maybe 5% of alliances then I don’t think members participating or not is going to have a lot of impact.

And unless the loot changes greatly, I suspect most alliances will quickly decide it doesn’t matter that much, as it amounts to less than an additional challenge worth of rewards.

Ultimately there’s no sane way to “fix” what you’re asking for except to eliminate the alliance score entirely. If you do it based on average score per player then it just encourages the top hitters to form a solo alliance, which isn’t what they want.

SGG wants big alliances. Maybe they have data showing higher speed, or in game longer, or they just want to encourage the social aspect (lol).

Didn’t I said so already?

But the difference is when you joined alliance, you know what Titan level/star they are in so it doesn’t change much. For example, our alliance want to stay at 11*/12*, I don’t mind with some members only using 3 flags or registering low damage because if they have done more, we would be propelled to 13* which require more battle items. I know we can replace them with stronger members to help against the 13* but having more stronger members will also put competition on titan grade, A+ is limited to 1 while A is limited to 4. With more stronger members, my grade could be lower. I prefer A grade in 12* than B grade in 13*, the loot tier are the same (XIV), but less battle items needed.

In short, regular titan have intra-alliance competition. However, Mystic Titan, just like war, do not have it.

Beta Update

Ok so this is a bit of a long one so bear with me.

1 - Updated the Rewards section

Lots of changes (see OP for infos) but the main ones are:

  • Increased Loot Rolls on most tiers. Particularly of interest is the increased Emblem Rolls
  • Alliance Score rewards added now.

2 - Updated information about Watchers

Check the OP for full updates but the summary is

  • Watchers now take a portion of all incoming damage to the Mythic Titan (regardless of the source).
  • Watchers now have added passive “rules” where they cannot be BLOCKED from being summoned, nor can they be STOLEN.
  • In V34.1, they added that killing of watchers removes part of the Mythic Titans Mana. This is still in place.

3 - Updated Interaction between Heroes & Watchers:

4 - Updated Mythic Titan Special Skills section

  • Added in Gilgamesh information
  • Updated Ifrit information

5 - Updated the Transcript of the Mythic Titan Rules


Well considering only the top 1k alliances compete for different ranks of loot as currently being tested this would mean for the vast majority of alliances whether or not some members participate won’t matter. And I imagine the vast majority of the 1k competing alliances would have full participation, but may still cause drama and/or burnout in a few.

@Guvnor I think this part of the original post needs to be corrected. The mythic titan’s swipe does ~800 pts of damage to 4-star heroes. I recorded 798 to a Boldtusk (no costume, no emblems) and 889 to Wu Kong (no emblems). This is still about the same level of damage as a 10-star titan but the numbers in the post reflect my testing from the 1st draft of the mythic titans.

FWIW, I think Wu Kong / Ravir become more of a liability than an asset at this level of damage by the titan. The chances of a miss coupled with the rule about Watchers blocking the weak spot means there is too high of a chance of missing a stun when you drop 3 tiles on the weak spot.


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