🧪 Early Information on Mythic Titans [Part of The Beta Beat V33 & V34]

Please no. Raid tourneys are a great way to fill the raid chest. I really hope it’s not 5 flags a day. And I hope it doesn’t replace anything else (except maybe regular titans).


Uh. No. Titans are the sole best loot source in the game.


Very true. I just don’t enjoy them.

Partial Information Update

Have updated the OP with some additional information about Battle Items & Hero Special Skills and how they interract with the Watchers per the V34.1 update:


This is getting to be an insanely complicated event, sounds like!


I was just going to type that, but then hesitated, since I am new, and that might influence me heavily!

I have played other games, that, eventually, drove down the lane, where they ended up overcomplicating game features, just to add ‘new and shiny’ stuff in, which sadly just led to player frustration.

I hope this won´t be like that :four_leaf_clover:

Maybe complicated is what the top tier players need, to keep it interesting, though? :slight_smile:


Well, I just can’t get my hype up for this feature. I don’t doubt it will be a nice challenge and an exciting event, but this just doesn’t feel like delivering a big hit.

We get bigger and badder Titans, okay. Is this the new and exciting way to play with your alliance members? The score is summed up for the members in one of the leaderboards, so I guess technically it’s teamwork.

The 3 difficulties will generate a huge gap in performance (even though it does provide an opportunity for everyone with smaller and weaker rosters to participate). And since there is no separate leaderboard for them, the rewards will be greatly diminished. The fatigue system also favors bigger rosters, increasing the gap even further.

Concerning the rewards, it’s the raid tournament all over again, so nothing to say there.

All in all, something new to do in the game, more time to spend, with the usual returns. I am aware that not everyone has to love every feature of the game, but this just feels lacking in the area of implementation.

I can feel that this was a good idea that went somewhere south. It’s too heavily focused on the competitive aspect, if they were trying to create a path of valor styled reward system for these Titans with personal rewards and challenges, I would be more satisfied. You could have created something amazing with this. You created difficulties for everyone to participate, you could’ve created challenges or achievements or tasks like do X amount of damage, attack with mono teams, attack with mixed teams, limit the team power, give challenges to stun the titan the most/least times possible, make the watchers interactive so they spawn when you heal and make a challenge of killing as many of them as possible. Give me goals to reach, give me rewards and make me try to get better and invest more time/energy/money in the game. Do not try to force me to invest if I want to have a shot at a leaderboard with this kind of low return.

Anyway, since I don’t have all the best titan specialists, I will gladly take my rewards (the daggers, rugged clothes, common herbs and silver token) after the first event.


I mean, I’m probably considered a top player, and would say “it’s a fine line.” I’ve appreciated a lot of the new features that have been coming out lately. I love all the new war types. But Ninja Tower is a huge grind, and this Mythic Titans thing seems like it definitely might cross the “too complicated” line for me.

Will also put pressure on a lot of alliances, in terms of trying to get 30 people to agree about how best to approach the team aspect of the competition. I guess that’s already true for regualr titans and wars, and we’ve managed to figure those out. But it’ll definitely cause some turmoil early on.


Begging devs for an opt out button for this one. It should be like war.
The amount of craft used to do this was insane, combine it with all the other things to do and it adds up to a great deal of items. Too much! I think leaders should be able to just opt out of this feature.


Solution to insane amount of crafts - don’t bring an insane amount of crafts. I bring 25% mana pots, antidotes, arrow attacks and axe attacks to all titan fights other than Rare Titans. The Axe Attacks are the only remotely expensive item I mentioned, but you can substitute something else in its place if desired. On Rares, I bring Tornados, but that’s primarily due to the fact I no longer have any use for Iron and I have plenty of mats. Also on Rares I bring 60% mana pots instead of 25% mana pots, since those are relatively cheap to craft, but still those are optional. Just play it cheap, hit the Titan, get some sort of ranking, and call it good, or just ignore it. No need for an opt out feature when you can simply just ignore it. Also, why opt out and intentionally not get the free rewards. Even though low level alliance ranks probably won’t give very exciting rewards, might as well collect them.


Its already there… It’s like tournaments, raiding, farming etc…

Don’t want to do it…? Then just… don’t…


I agree with @TijaraTaj: opting out SHOULD BE an option. I don’t know about the rest of my alliance, but I’m not interested in participating in this titan event

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Maybe i missed it but is it possible to participate to all 3 rankings? Or you can only choose one?

And if so it the aura related to the hero or to the battle tier. So negative effects / aura starts again counting on the same hero if he switches from cautious to brave battle?

As of the last iteration in Beta- you can bounce around between the three difficulty tiers at will. You choose the difficulty before the battle.

That said, mythic aura/fatigue is independent of difficulty level. You exhaust your top team trying it out in cautious battles, you won’t have them when you’re ready to go for a max single score in an extreme battle.

Leads to some obvious strategy considerations: start with your third string, try it on cautious to get the hang of the mechanics and then when you’re comfortable, bring out the big guns and go for broke in extreme.


Ok thanks this will also depend from how much energy/flags You’ll receive through the event.

The same can be said for the opting in/out for wars. Why is one ok, but not the other? If this takes so many resources away from the regular things we do now, including taking higher titans and rare titans. It is described as something to do As an Alliance, just like wars. I totally agree there should be a way to opt out.

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One primary reason they allow opting out of wars is likely because they don’t want matchmaking to match up alliances that participate in wars against alliances that do not participate in wars.

For Mythic Titans, an Alliance can simply choose to not bother with going for an Alliance score. At first I was wondering why it would matter, why not just ignore the Mythic Titan Alliance score altogether, and just get whatever free loot comes your way each time after ignoring it. After thinking about it a little, I can see why an Alliance might wish to not be ranked though (if they would get a low ranking for example, and just don’t want to see that low number).

You’re right. Wasn’t thinking of the one aspect of team matching. Lmao. Short sighted and in a hurry. Bad combo when in here. Lol
More worried about the craft drain. There is so very much now, ninja tower and this added to the rest, huge amount of crafted items, potions, bombs, time stops etc. must be used. For very little return.
Raid tourneys let you “join” and then do nothing (rather unsportsmanlike but I get it) and collect loot.
I do not believe this works that way. I can’t honestly remember there being a participation prize here. But I’m usually wrong…so your point is well taken.

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There’s nothing that REQUIRES you to use items, except a few POV dailies. If you don’t have the resources… don’t use them. Get as far as you can without and call it good enough.


I thank you for showing me how silly I was when thinking it the same as war. Some nights are better spent sleeping then trying to write coherently. :grin:
Also, alliance rankings are usually only really important to those in the top…

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