🧪 Early Information on Mythic Titans [Part of The Beta Beat V33 & V34]

Yes, they have the buff/debuff percentage written on them during hero selection and titan attack.

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Potentially but unlikely :slight_smile: We can hope tho haha.

Yes it does… You can obviously counter it (partially) with stuff like troops, family bonus, emblems etc… These mana effects are additive. So -19% will be countered by a +24% buff from ariel giving you a net +5% mana boost.

Scenario A.

It is hero specific… i.e. if you have multiples of a hero then you get to have the mythic aura multiple times… once for each individual card.


It is not about the flag but the battle items.

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We can select the difficulties of Titan. How about the element? Is it appear as random or we can select as well?

Same Mythic Titan for everyone.

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Is there any indication of Mystic Aura when you chose cards before fight?

Yes, it’s pretty clear :slight_smile:

Both positive, neutral and the degree of negative.


Thanks for your answer @StillVictor

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so there is 1 mythic titan for all alliances? There is not a kind of match with alliances with a range of players?

I meant as an ezample:
1 titan for alliances with 1-10 members
1 titan for 11-20 members
and 1 titan for 21-30 members
or just 2 group
1 titan for 1-15 members
and 1 titan for 16-30.

This could be a way to help alliances with low members getting in higher position more easily.

It’s not a titan; it’s essentially a global boss with unlimited health.

It appears for a while and you do as much damage as you can while it’s up. Then it disappears again (event ends).

Then you gets loot based on:

  • Individual best hit
  • Individual total score
  • Alliance total score.

Alliance tally Damage only counts if you do said damage while you’re IN that alliance. It doesn’t move with you.


Two new features ( ninja towers & now Mystic Titans) seem to favor using of dupes, would devs ever consider more increase in free roster space beyond the current small increase every level?

For instance, if heroes start getting cursed and getting fatigued in new features, a possible way round, would be to start building some dupes but heroes cap is kind of limiting.


I’m often shooting for a certain loot tier on titan attacks, so it would be helpful to know how I’m doing while attacking so I know when it is and isn’t worth using additional battle items.

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Beta Update:

The Mythic Titan Event has returned to beta for testing in Version 34.1 of beta.

This is a pretty good indicator that it will not be rolled out in the V33 update & hence is unlikely to be in game until early next year.

Short notes of the changes:

  • Mythic Watchers

    • Remove some mana from Mythic Titan when killed
    • Can now be struck / damaged by special skills & battle items. Details unknown yet.
  • Difficulties adjusted

    • Cautious now -70% attack
    • Brave now -40% attack with +50% attack
    • Extreme now +100% attack.
  • Added passive skill that mythic Watchers now cannot be blocked from being summoned

  • Added passive skill to Ifrit: resist attack delays (not sure on this one… Maybe just timestops it affects?)

  • Added Stage / Battle property where a random battle item is disabled every 3 turns for 3 turns. (Was part of Ifrits special skill but not anymore).

I will update the OP with info as I know it :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t be surprised if this appeared on every mythic titan.

Glad this is going for more testing. I hope the rewards get tweaked upwards, although I don’t want to see a guaranteed 4* material either.

Then it would have to be a month long event for the hero effects to do anything.

I’m going to guess about 2 weeks, 3 attacks/day. Second place to 6 days with 5 attacks.

I’ll do it because it’s another loot source. Don’t expect to place significantly on any board.

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Rumors from Beta say rewards are modeled on 5* Tournaments. So I expect the live server participation will closely follow 5* Tournaments.


Some players will skip totally

Some players will 1x attack for free 2x emblem.

Some players will auto play all their energy ( this is actually pretty cool ).

Some players will manually use all their energy.

Some players will use all their 4* / 5* battle items.


What happen if you finish all type of 1 items? Let me ezplain better:

Let’s immagine i bring with me only 5 tornados and small mana pot; at the start of the combat this disable my small mana pots and within this 3 turns i use all tornadoes; after the 3 turns passes i got disabilited my mana pots again and forever in the fight or it can happen that he disability the slot of the tornadoes even if i have used them all?

Another question of another kind; why there are only 4 tipes of mythic?
Hades can be blue or dark (but i think blue), Gilgamesh is obviusly yellow, Ifrit is obviously red (and we already know he is red) and baba yaga is green (or purple as long as she is a witch and could be associated with dark color but my guess is she is green). We are missing the purple or blue mytich titan that’s a bit suspicious (among us reference :rofl:) to me and i wonder why.

If there’s no more of an item left than they can’t be disabled :wink:

I will try testing to confirm


Captain of Diamonds again was intrigued by the update with specials hitting the Watchers…I told him not to get too excited about getting off the bench, but he was curious about his utility for Mythic Titans with the update.


thank you gunvor :slight_smile:

If the flags will be say 5/day, I hope that they alternate this with raid tourneys. Would be a way to keep tourneys from getting (more) stake. Would also allow them to add this feature while minimizing the overwhelm factor of too much happening at once. Might increase participation as well…

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