🧪 Early Information on Mystery Black Friday hero (Enigmo) and new Family for Myztero [Part of The Beta Beat v52]

Myztero beneath average defense and health still can’t made him useful in the contemporary combats and cast his skill before dead in the battle, unless his survivability increased.

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If a player has two copies of this mystery hero on the same team, then once special is casted, each mystery hero will summon 2 minions for all allies plus 2 fiends for all enemies, which means all allies will have 3 minions and all enemies will have 3 fiends?

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Only if you also have Myztero or any future member of the family. Family bonuses don’t count duplicates.

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I think the family bonus is there to buff enigmo, and not the other way around. Now myztero’s sole purpose is to buff enigmo.


To date. Myztero remains my biggest regret for leveling up. This will not change even if I get Enigmo.


Omfg. It’s so ugly!! :no_mouth::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

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He’s so funny! Congratulations to you! Could you make a full-length screenshot of the hero for us?

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Is this ok?


Thank you very much :hugs: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:


Once / if someone will have a 4/80 version of him, the he/she add a screenshot here about him so that I can add it to the hero card in the OP?

Thx in advance.

He looks like what would happen if forest sprites/elves gained access to robotics and had knowledge of Pokemon and they combined robotics with forest magic to create a magical/robotic Pikachu


I agree! If I show this to my 9-year-old, she’s gonna want him more than she already wants Goopy. Yes, this art is goofy, but it actually made me smile.

Wait, his title is actually “Summoning Conundrum”? Like, “Should I even summon if there’s a chance to get this freak?” Oh. My. Goodness. There are no words.


Saw this on a defense


Wow. This is what, 12 hours after his release?

The same defense had Jove maxed and LB

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and we wonder why Zynga wont slow the roll of new heroes. Considering the odds of pulling both of them, its likely the person spent at least 2k to get these.

Enigmo is live. You can discuss him here: