🧪 Early Information on Mirages of Omega (aka Limit Breaker) Quest [Part of The Beta Beat V39]

Does anyone see that this is something different than what this game has been for four years?
I just see more of the same.
Clear as rainwater …
SG says: this is what you get, if you like it … fine.
And if you don’t like it … fine too.


There is no information about it…
I am expecting it almost right after the update is forced.
Maybe next week ? But I am almost certain it will happen in this month.

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There are a few open days in the June calendar between Underwild and TOL. I speculate we will see the new event then.

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We will see if they will be a new regular quests like class trials or they will be more random and more similar to rare quests.

if I remember well SGG said quests would appear 1-2 every month so it seems to be more like rare quests.


Anyone know if aether is already attainable in the game or not?

The update is forced so it should be available.

But if I look were I can get one the earliest you will see some is probably Thursday when the war ends, or if they decide to start a quest before that.

Why is it not in the list yet?


Maybe they will enable it once the first quest arrives ?
But I would like to know the answer too… :slight_smile:

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Probably because raid tournament started yesterday but v39 foll out was finished today.

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Looks like no freebees around this time…

Looks like it is not officially launched yet.

No free aethers… :cry:

And surprisingly… no offer yet?


I already passed the first two stages of the Mirages of the Omega quest, @yelnats_24 . Isn’t it available for you?

Available, I mean free aether from mail like the first day of emblems :rofl:

Yeah… It looks like there are no free ones :frowning:

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BTW @PlayForFun , does “immune to status ailments” mean “immune to Time Stop” as well?

Also, I didn’t notice, but is the effect from their special abilities cleansable?

You have guessed it right. It is available in tournament rewards now. Up to 4 materials for 1%

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As this quest now went live a Master Discussion topic is added for it:

Time Stop is not a status ailment.
Some parts of the boss and Mob special skills are cleeansable while others are not.


Let me break it down for you, why it was non negotiable for them to introduce mirages of omega aka the limit breakers.

Their reason behind the scenes is : introduction of 6 STAR HEROES!

BEFORE THEY INTRODUCE 6* HEROES, they must first make a more even playing field. Since 5* cant always progress, from power creep standpoint (too big of a difference between 4* and 5*, they ‘’ gave us a year’’ for us to limit break 5* heroes, which would be a slightly worse in comparison to FIRST VERSIONS of 6* heroes…

AND the rat race for 6* heroes begins… or it will? :slight_smile:


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