🧪 Early Information on Legendary Troops [Part of The Beta Beat v63]

Well I have enough feeders right now to convert and upgrade to level 50 (I don’t have the food). I’m f2p. So it’s not really that impossible. It will be slow for sure, but doable. **Don’t level your troops until these are released!

Conversion will have an Epic Troop Level Requirement that goes up with number of Epic Troops converted

  • Epic Troop Level Requirement Beta:
  • Lvl 16: 0 Epic Troops converted
  • Lvl 17: 1 Epic Troops converted
  • Lvl 18: 2 Epic Troops converted
  • lvl 19: 3 Epic Troops converted
  • lvl 20: 5 Epic Troops converted
  • Non beta current iteration
  • Starts from Epic Troop lvl 26

I forget how it worked last time in beta , but the first time you convert, it can be level 26. The next time it has to be 27. I forget if you can do that once or twice. And basically each time you convert, the level of your next conversion goes up. So by the time you do 10, it takes a level 30. It’s a nice ease into it method although maybe too complex.