🧪 Early Information on Hero Museum [Part of The Beta Beat v55]

Those are my exact thoughts too - there are so many things players have wished for.

I would be happy to get a function that means I no longer have to click click click in the Alchemy Lab. Things like that.

But ok ‘new stuff is always better’, apparently.

I’m not ranting. I’ll take my 500ish gems of course. :blush:

But you know.


Indeed. I mean sure yay of course I will take…some…gems, but the operative term here seems to be

opportunity cost

There are so many things SG could have been working on, and this feels a bit like “here’s some gems, kid, now shaddup and push off!”

It’s not so much, for me, complaining “oh no, it’s not enough gems,” as “gosh, I would have appreciated better gameplay more than not-much-of-a-difference gems.”



Since cutscenes are included, can they also add in their music as well? As least it’s something that’s archived

Not trying to sound like an ■■■, but this is something else being added that nobody asked for. The resources and time spent on this project could have been spent on quality of life changes and bug fixes on features that were unveiled with a ton of bugs and other issues. Thank you for this though, SG. Something else you’ve done for us, that nobody asked for.


SG: “Heres a way to get free gems and see all heroes and story lines”
Forum community:“thats bullsh@t!!”

The ability of the forum members to complain about absolutely everything is great.
I mean life has so few constants so knowing i can count on people to trash absolutely every single aspect of a game that they choose to play is comforting.

Thank you all


I’d say, pick your free gems with whatever heroes (or costumes) you already have, don’t focus on maxing heroes just for the Museum, and it’s all nice - we all get some free gems. Sadly this isn’t that much rewarding for those who keep a diverse collection - they will get a bit more gems compared to others, but nothing out of the ortinary.

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But the collectors like me are not keeping a copy of each hero because these gems.
They are keeping just because to have the heroes.
So this is a just a nice extra.
Of course more gems would be better, but doing nothing for 8-900 extra gems is welcomed to if Staff will not adjust it.


I say ok bro. But i have some 5* that i dont use or use them for next SE. i have some costume like horghal, magni, sartana and i dont like their low atk stats or sniper specialist. I will not use my 4* mats for them, like 4* mats for 5 gems and outdated hero. Bosswolf, Roc, Rafael, Zulag for non classic.

Definitely! I think it’s nice of them to make it so I can reread. Not that they’re great stories, but I suppose it should be pretty easy to give us access, and it’s probs some who like them more than others.
Also nice with this pokedex type indeed! It’ll be a good help to find the heroes I have yet to level up. Heroplan is also a great tool, but I forget to update it😅


Veteran players have 0 need for 1 and 2 star heroes. That is for the beginners, who also will have an incentive to max their heroes. You’re just whining and forget about newcomers.

I just received 10 Gems for watching an advertisement on the Mystic Vision. Took 30 seconds.

Same reward for spending who-knows-how-much time/resources to level up two 5⭐️ heroes.

Not saying that this feature is worthless. Just pointing out it’s not as substantial as it appears to be on its face.

That said, I dig the other features.


Yes! I’d love to see stories about each individual hero ! Maybe even bonus artwork too.

Who’s whining? I commented that veteran players won’t bother to max 1/2* heroes for the 1/2 gems. Why would they ?

Just watch MV. I collect about 20-30 gems from MV daily. Why would I want to waste resources levelling up a 1/2* for 1/2 gems?

That comment came after I commented that Zynga is not generous as expected: expect heroes to be maxed to get those sad rewards.

If you scroll further up, I did share my experience with similar games. Those games didn’t need me to max my heroes. As long as I summoned them.

One game was even nice enough to make it retroactive: system tracked my summons. I ate some of the unwanted. System credited me anyway when their version of Hero Museum was launched.

And EP’s reward for having summoned that hero is by far the stingiest.


1 star is the easiest. When you feed dups, you get a 25% chance don’t you? So just feed at least 4 Derrics to one and you’ll get 100%. If you limit to 4, I think you should be able to max the special before maxing ascension. If not, once completely maxed, the chance increases by 5x so you just need one Derric. The cheapest would be using TC1 for your feeders and you’ll have them all maxed with no problem. If you really want to push things, you go for TC19.

2 star may be trickier, but you should be able to have enough dups that you should have a pretty high percentage.

Edit: So if you have nothing else to do, you start with the 1 star heroes, max one of each, and then feed them to your 2 star heroes. Once the 2 star heroes are maxxed, just hold onto them as hero trainers.


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I knew someday keeping a max leveled copy of all 16 of the 1 & 2 star heroes would come in handy even if it has taken up roster space all these years I’ve been playing!

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See my other post. Been playing since 9/10/19 & all these years I saved a max leveled copy of all 16 of the 1 & 2 stars despite using up roster space because I guessed one day it might matter!


Good for you! Happy for you!

I won’t be bothered and I suspect enough players won’t be bothered too, unless they have ham and feeders to spare.

Watching 1 MV for 1 gem is less effort than levelling up a 1* for the same reward of 1 gem.

Agree it’s a pittance worth of gems, and if I hadn’t already done it, no I wouldn’t bother. Ironically I keep two copies of every hero that’s ever had a costume where both copies are maxed on both the basic and costume, but only one of the copies has the costume equipped, so although unnecessary for the museum, happy I did that too.


You have been busy!!! I am only glad that I held off feeding away 3* that I don’t use anymore.

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