🧪 Early Information on Hero Balance Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v31]

I agree with your sentiment about s1 heroes but regards the new heroes essentially I think there buffs to S3 heroes was because they were too weak to begin with due to sg being very cautious after Telly nerf outrage so is rather it this way to be honest where they are increased if needed rather than being released OP


Entonces donde estan los arreglos para Noor , Raffaele y Neith? Debieron pensar en ellos tambien


So based on whose defense the proposed system is?

Season 1 heros all got a huge buff thanks to costumes. So they shouldn’t apply. Hotm id be ok with the underwhelming ones like Noor, Grimble, and Toth the others i see as good/fair.


Costume are not buff, they are premium.

Buff is only when all of its owner can get benefit.


So this applies only when G Gazelle dies? Ok, thought for a sec they are trying to ■■■■ up one of the few top well balanced heroes.

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They are a premium that if you get them provide the biggest buff to stats 5% to atk, def, and mana gain also 10% health and a change their their special/class will qualify as a buff 100%. You just have to summon them instead of a free handout a chance at 2 free costume summon a month with additional keys from rewards is a great upgrade. The only reason they should get a additional buff is if their special isn’t equal to other heros with similar effects. I.E. Khagan his special is hugely underwhelming. Of course this is my personal opinion you are free to disagree but then we can agree to disagree.

I don’t think so. I too have Khagan waiting but I do believe his costume will make him very viable and he will be well liked in the community.

Because they are premium, they are NOT buff.

They are just another form of new hero, the most blantant form of power creep.

S1 vs S1 with costume bonus, the difference is 5% attack, 5% defense, 10% HP, 5% mana generation. That is clearly power creep toward S1 heroes.

We should draw clear difference between:

  • S1
  • S1 with Costume Bonus
  • Costumed S1

S1 do not get buff.

Calling them buff is an insult to F2P and those who ask for buff. Instead of giving buff, they ask us to pay for bonus???


Khagan doesn’t have a costume and no more costumes are in beta I thought?

we have to agree to disagree as i see any change to a hero initial card as a buff so even if a premium it’s still a buff to me. I hope you will see your definition of a buff in the future, but for me i see the costume as a buff that satisfied my definition. F2p still get chances to summon (min 2x per event) I havent spend in months and got 5 summons for free this month. I’m C2p and only buy gem deals to use in future months where the hotm is desired.

Not yet but eventually all S1 heroes will have one

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Agree on this in principle, however I think that horse has now bolted -costumes are now the s1 “buffs” / buff equivalent (even if they have to be summoned) so normal buffs aren’t going to happen to those heroes

Where its Neith??? Again she will remain without buff


Neith is actually pretty annoying to Fight against so I don’t See the Problem with her


But you are forgetting something: there is no change in the initial card.

See for yourself in the Legendary Summon portal. That is where you can view the initial card.

If you consider the change of the card on your roster, then that means emblem is also buff because they change the card on your roster. The card on your roster is not initial card, they include stat from emblem and costume.

So by your own definition, costume is not buff.

Costume is premium bonus.


This 240 votes its said something else.


If you have a hero without a costume you will see the initial stats or with Khagan he got a buff in the form of his speical. So his initial card has changed. If he gets a costume in the future that will be another buff, preimum as you stat but still a change to his initial card. If i get a costume and level it up to second level and the stats have increased then that would be different to the intial i.e. a buff. Again you can’t argue what my personal opinion of a buff is but rather that our definition is different.

It’s Just my opinion, she’s good but Not very good, annoying but Not top class.

Awesome changes, but please consider a change in the Raffaele’s innate ability. it doesnt make sense to have resistance to decreased attack. could be the same as Kunchen


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