🧪 Early Information on Hero Balance Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v31]

Horghall – I was excited when I pulled him. I even maxed him when I had no other green to work on. But even his costume wouldn’t get him off my bench more than once or twice a month now. Only for sixth team when facing blue war tanks. Which is sad, really. Groot deserves better.

Khagan gaining an attack boost is ok and beautiful but does not make any difference.

Telluria will fire before him and it´s over. He won’t be able to charge anymore.

“Balancing” to trash only Vela and keeping all other heroes the same, specially the s1 red (almost every single one is weak, or slow or both), won’t change anything.

Destroying Vela will only make us exchange her spot to someone else. Telluria will still kick everyone. Problem will persist. One less useful hero avaible and millions of telescopes to trash.

Sgg is either evil or just dumb.


Khagan gained on attack last round in beta too, then they reverted it. No guarantees until it goes live.

As I have said many times before; for me – Telly alone is beatable, Telly with Vela is not. I have beat a Telly tank without Vela that fired twice. I have also lost to a Telly tank without Vela that fired once.

I agree with some of the post that some of the season 1 heros really do need a buff… The fighter class heros especially… As compared to most of the later released heros, the later ones have rather high def to begin with.

I do wish they can make Guin paladin class… Sigh. I know this wil never happen.

What do they read as in beta?

Good question haha… Should have posted that info.

Unemblemed & No Troops (i.e. the card)

Gazelle = 80 Damage
Gullinbursti = 170 Damage + 12 damage per hit (max of 314)
An-Windr = 117 Damage + 8 damage per hit (max of 213)
Hansel = 146 Damage
Gretel = 147 Damage
Pixie = 89 Damage


Adding Attack Talents DOES increase the damage. Defence or HP or Class Talent Nodes do NOT affect the Damage.
Base = 117 Damage (+8 per hit, 213 max)
+12 Nodes (all attack – +72 Attack) = 138 Damage (+10 per hit, max of 258)
+18 Nodes (all attack – +117 Attack) = 150 Damage (+11 per hit, max of 282)
— Goes from +8 per hit to +9 per hit at +30 Attack (node 5); Goes from +9 per hit to +10 per hit at +72 Attack (node 11); Goes from +10 per hit to +11 per hit at +117 Attack (node 18)

Base = 89 Damage
+12 Nodes (all attack – +45 Attack) = 99 Damage
+18 Nodes (all attack – +75 Attack) = 105 Damage

Base = 147 Damage
+12 Nodes (all attack – +63 Attack) = 161 Damage
+18 Nodes (all attack – +108 Attack) = 170 Damage

Base = 146 Damage
+12 Nodes (all attack – +50 Attack) = 157 Damage
+18 Nodes (all attack – +80 Attack) = 163 Damage

Base = 170 Damage (+12 per hit, max 314)
+12 Nodes (all attack – +63 Attack) = 187 Damage (+13 per hit, max of 343)
+18 Nodes (all attack – +93 Attack) = 196 Damage (+14 per hit, max of 364)
— Goes from +12 per hit to +13 per hit at +30 Attack (node 6); Goes from +13 per hit to +14 per hit at +78 Attack (node 14)

Base = 80 Damage
+12 Nodes (all attack – +63 Attack) = 87 Damage
+18 Nodes (all attack – +97 Attack) = 90 Damage


Troop Attack Stat boosts ALSO affect the base-damage number.

Gretel +18 base (from above) = 170 Damage
Gretel with +15% attack from troop = 196 Damage

Gazelle +18 base (from above) = 90 Damage
Gazelle with +23% attack from troop = 111 Damage

Gullinbursti +18 base (from above) = 196 Damage (+14 per hit, max of 364)
Gullinbursti with +4% attack from troop = 203 Damage (+15 per hit, max of 383)

Pixie +18 base (from above) = 105 Damage
Pixie with +9% attack from troop = 114 Damage

Family Bonus

Family Bonus does NOT affect the base damage number

Attack De/Buff

Attack buff does NOT affect the base damage number

Some Tabulated Data:

Approx Formula:
There doesn’t seem to be any clear formula for the various heroes… But here are the approx formula’s based on the data collected in the tables above:

Damage = 0.1065 * [Attack]

Damage = 0.2092 * [Attack]

Damage = 0.28 * [Attack]
Per Turn = 0.201 * [Attack]
Max Damage = 0.822 * [Attack]


Added this information to the OP now.

I haven’t tested but I assume that the “passive stat boost” of defence teams DOES affect the number also.


Any beta updates for these hero’s? Noticed there was a new build out (from the telly/Vela thread) thanks!

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Glad to see the Hatter getting attention, got him last Wonderland, but not enough Tonics, too many Green 5*'s so that may push me to go for him.

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I am excited to see in the next beta update that khagan’s mana gen has been buffed to average speed and the buff defense changed to dispel to 3.:crossed_fingers:

There is no harm in wishing :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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If there is an update to any of these heroes there would have been an update posted.


Has there been any talk about fixing Norns ability on defense? I see she might get a damage buff, but her secondary ability still does literally nothing on defense.


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I agree, her written abilities only work on offense and not on defense, how can this be? It feels like a big oversight and there’s no reason for it, no one else’s card works this way.

No. Devs have not indicated this is in their plans.

At my point of view, Norns is an exclusively and good attack hero.

Just like Miki or Athena who are A+ for titans but lack quality for defending our base.

No need of being good everywhere.


The argument tho is that those heroes you listed, at least their specials WORK on defence.

Norns’ debuff does NOTHING on defence team as it only affects the inherent Elemental Resistance. This ONLY applies to tile damage… NOT to slash attacks… Thus does NOTHING when Norns is on Defence.

I did not knew that… damn… I thought she could be a joker Jackal/panther/Evelyn and such.

Honestly I dunno which kind of buff would benefit her? Cleanse? Debuff? :woman_shrugging:t3:

When she was featured I was like “ewww what I would do with her” and I am still like that :joy: I’d pick a second Jackal over her.

Glad to see that Baldur is going to get a small buff, I’ve got him last Valhalla and until now I wasn’t able to figure out how to use him : pure offense ? As a flank in a defensive team ? As a tank ? Right now I’m still wondering if I should max him or not, but I see him more usefull than previously.

Why Roc didn’t get buff ?
He is a new seasonal hero and one of the weakest heroes in game.

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Norns card is clear, but her power does not work as stated on defense. Let’s look at what her card says and think about the wording.

“The target and nearby enemies become weak against the element they are strong against for 4 turns. They stay weak against the element they are normally weak against.”

It should be flipped on its head for defense. So if this applies while Norns is on defense, tile damage for the heroes she casts on should become weak against their strong colour. For example, Norns on def. cast her ability on Kage, Clarissa & Domitia, those heroes should now have weak tile damage against yellow (along with their weak damage against purple).

That’s how the card reads and that would make Norns a strong, worthy hero.


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