🧪 Early Information on Hero Academy [Part of The Beta Beat v30]

This is a welcome improvement,…

…just wish 2 or 3 trainings could be queued.


This would not be F2P/C2P friendly, and I don’t expect such mechanism in HA. If such mechanism is implemented people (that usually spends a lot of money) will be able to change their 10 Gimbles (or Horhalls) that they got chasing a specific hero for a specific nice HOTM (eg. Hel or Gravemaker) instead of trying to draw them in ToL portal. :wink:


Nice improvement, but imo it needs another step in the same direction.

  1. 5% (for special 5* hero, building lvl 10) is too a low chance for the last building in a game, since it requires almost 2 years for a f2p player to build it. Please increase this chance
  2. 7 days waiting (building lvl 10) is too much. Consider reducing it (maybe 4 days , the double of tc 20?)
  3. it would be nice to get also special /S2 4* heroes, in a similar way they introduced special 5*.
    Proposals (i.e. wishful thinking)
    a ) Retraining special/S2/multiple S1 heroes could give a higher chance at getting special/S2 heroes
    b) once in a year or so HA should give the opportunity of choosing the hero you want (or at least choosing one hero in a pool, with a alkashard-like mechanism)

I know I am asking a lot, but still, this would be a nice reward for the loyal players who played for such a long time to manage building the HA…


nice improvements, but I’d like to see HA being able to do multiple actions at the same time like the current version of AL. Still with the 5% odds one need to run HA10 permanently to expect a nice and useful hero once or twice a year. The other levels would barely be in use.

And Level 7 takes too long, 6 or 8 hours would make the level more interesting.


Out of my 9 classic 5* heroes I got from TC after two years of very c2p, five are Horghalls. I dread I’ll get another one every two days I check the building.I had little Ent forest in my rooster until out of frustration I decided (booze was involved, I admit) to make them into food for someone :wink: So I would welcome that possibility :stuck_out_tongue:

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Update Gravemaker

Gravemaker loot box unit pricing is 31,570+ days ( 86.4+ years )


Click for notes

Loot box unit pricing

So my previous estimated loot box unit pricing for Classic 5* heroes AND 5* HotM was too low.

Hero pool


Devs just made it worse by increasing limited hero pool from 24 to 49.


Previous estimate

Current Math


0.0010204 odds ( = 1/ 980 odds )

4,510+ summons

7 days per summons



I think it’s very C2P/P2W friendly. Normally those groups have most dupes because of number of summons (which I estimate at ~10-60/month). Those guys already paid for those dupe heroes and this is just improving their returns. If we are discussing whether it’s SGG friendly or not, then that’s a different discussion. My C2P and P2W friends are already frustrated with ToL and very less likely to spend.


Reducing training time is - in some sense - equivalent to increasing chance for special 5*.

7 days tanning with 5% odds gives in average 2.6 special 5* hero per year
4 days tanning with 5% odds gives in average 4.55 special 5* hero per year
7 days tanning with 8.5% odds gives in average 4.42 special 5* hero per year.


My analysis of v2 hero academy.

Level 1: Good, another TC19 replacement with Training Manual usage.
Level 2 New: Too many time, WTF.
Level 3 New: Why they change it? Why not remain 4 recruits? Now for me TC2 is better
Level 4 New: Too many time again, WTF.
Level 5: unneeded, better to use TC13/TC20. But if they will add old S2/Event rares here, it maybe worth.
Level 6: Too many time again.
Level 7: Also too many time. TC2 is better now.
Level 8: Why? We do not need epics, TC20 produces them. But if they will add old S2/Event epics here, it worth. And also too much time. I think 2d12h is enough
Level 9: Too much time, 3d is good.
Level 10: Better to change time (to 3d or at least 3d12h) or update odds to 10-15%, because pool of heroes is much larger now.

Also alkashards-like mechanic will be very good. Get 20% probability for event hero for 1000 alkashards - very good.


I have found this building to be useful and f2p or c2p friendly, but still think a lot of p2w people will use it too.

The problem is not the mechanisms but the upgrade and research costs. They are ridiculous, who will be able to come that far and still need this feature?

The expanded pool is HUGE for SGG standards, we have to admit that. Great job so far (for HA10).
Now if only the pulling time was a liiiiiiittle shorter, let’s say 4 days, hype would start growing A LOT.


Changing food to iron for troops is a good thing, because iron become less useful as game progress. But 18h for 1* troops and 1d 18h for a 2* troops - no, that’s still bad. According to @BarryWuzHere data, we can get a 1* troop once in 3h 10m and 2* troop once in 9h 30m. So, training time should be lower than that, so troops training can be useful.
Changing recruit cost for lvl 3 - can’t say anything pro or contra, not a major thing. Still better than TC19.
Lvl 10. Transparent chances and S2 and event heroes are nice, but 5% is still very low. Worst case - you put an undesired hero, spend time and resources and get back undesired hero. I think, we should get back some trainer heroes, for spent time and ham. Like, 30 trainers.
Also, what about 3* and 4* of season 2 and events? If we have chance for 5*, why leave 3* and 4* behind?

This is not completely true. The fact you can’t stack retrains (tecnically possible, but probably hard to implement without bugs) actually reduces those numbers, since you surely “lost” time at every retrain (the time required to “remember you had a pending training, collect your result, start another training”).

Moreover 5% of times does not means that every 100 retrain you will have 5 positive outcomes. It is possible you can have 0 out 100 or more than 5 out 100 (the first chance is more realistic).

True. I forgot to write in"in average"

I suppose 5 % chances for a special hero is as good as it gets. But they could be more generous with the building times overall and shorten all of them or else shorten the 7days training time of level 10. But I am liking this draft and am anticipating the final version. I’d build two hero academies if it was possible :joy:

Of course it is - if you only use level 10 of HA. But if (like me) you plan to use also other levels, it would be nice having both more chance at special heroes and a reduced retraining time. That is why I distinguished the reduced time from the increased chance to special heroes

I didnt forget. Was implied. But yeah,maybe it wasnt well said by me.

Happened to me already with Elena - Kadilen - Elena - Kadilen

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I thought they would do something for Emblems, like Mythwars.

I think there is just a few small changes I would have to this and then I think it would be reasonable and encourage me and probably others too to pull more often.

Firstly I think season 2 heroes, former HOTM’s and event challenge heroes should have their own system when you can exchange one of these heroes and get only a hero from this selection, no season 1 heroes.

The reason I say this, is that for these summons once you get too many of them you become over saturated, e.g. I have Master Lepus and Killhare I would love to get sir Roostley and complete the set, but I just cannot justify pulling in the Easter event next year with current odds, knowing that if I got a second Killhare or Master Lepus I would have a 95% chance of getting a season one hero if I traded it.

The same logic applies for Atlantis and puling for former HOTM’s there. At the moment I have only 3 season 2 five stars, Kageburado, Mitsuko and Inari. Once I get more season two heroes, pulling for former HOTM’s in Atlantis won’t be worth it anymore. I mean I can definitely see the utility in levelling a second Kageburado and a second Poseidon, However as good as they are I cannot see the utility in levelling a second Ariel or a second Mitsuko.

I just cannot see why they won’t offer specifically S2, HotM’s and event heroes as another level ten training option. It just means I would summon more and likely spend more and I think this applies to everyone. For example I really want to do pulls in Guardians of Teltoc but currently cannot justify it due to the terrible HOTM out next month. If I knew that I could trade him I would likely do multiple ten pulls in this event.

Also being able to run multiple levels at once would be good, if this idea was a solution I can see them not wanting to allow running both level tens at once, but could allow us to exchange four star troops at the same time as re training a five star.

Also alkashards would be nice, not being able to ascend five stars deters one from pulling for more and also many great heroes who struggle with emblem clashes e.g. costumed Azlar seems like a great candidate for barb emblems but my Kageburado and Gravemaker have to come first. This could again incentivize me to pull for more five stars knowing I can trade them and get emblems or four star ascension items.


On the contrary, a F2P player able to build HA level 10 will have dupe S1 5* heroes and very few event, seasonal and S2 5* heroes, to be able to trade in excess Horghalls, Khagans and Marjanas for an almost unobtainable special 5* will be pure gold!

Big spenders have deep benches so the incremental improvement for them is much less than for the F2P player. Dupe Ariel helps less than the 1st Ariel. Marginal utility for F2P is far higher than for whales.

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