🧪 Early Information on Hero Academy [Part of The Beta Beat v30]

Unfortunately, it was unknown in it’s first iteration, I do know that some did over 200 with no HoTM. In this one the stated odds are 5%

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I preffer to wait until official and checked info ;).

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The fact that they stated the odds is already an improvement!

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Agree to disagree I guess. It’s one of the things we would never know the outcome of so no point arguing there on what the consequences would be. :wink: But these breakdowns always come in handy to visualize the probability and the difference 5% vs 10% would cause.

And if you ask me, I would prefer better odds with losing hero in progress to avoid that constant recycle.

Different strokes for different folks, I guess. I’m all for a bump in odds, but I feel like there are fewer “misses” among event heroes, and maybe season 2 heroes as well, than have been among some HotM. Maybe just my perception. But at this point, I feel like the S2 heroes are forever lost to me, because there is no reliable way to get Atlantis coins anymore. There are some great heroes there, so having a chance to get them is appealing to me.

BTW, I realize that speaking this to the universe is the surest way to make sure I spend a year feeding in duplicate Domitias to finally pull an S2 or event hero and it end up being someone like Guardian Owl or Mok-Arr. :man_shrugging:

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Beta Update

Hero Academy has returned to Beta, with several updates:

  • Level 10 now includes a possibility of getting a Legendary Event or Season 2 Hero, in addition to HOTM from 12+ months ago; there is also now a specified 5% Appearance Rate for these “limited” Heroes, as opposed to the chance previously having been completely unknown

  • Level 10 has been reduced from 2318k Food to 1718k Food; this is not noted in the Build Notes, but is observable in Beta

  • Levels 9 and 10 now explicitly clarify that the same Troop/Hero cannot be received from the retraining; I had confirmed this with the Small Giant Staff during the first Beta, but it’s now specified in the in-game tooltips as well

  • All of the Troop-related Levels now use Iron instead of Food; for the moment at least, the amounts are unchanged, they’re just switched from Food to Iron

  • The durations of Levels 2 and 4, for Common and Uncommon Troops have been reduced from 1d 0h to 18h, and 2d 0h to 1d 18h, respectively

  • Level 3 for Uncommon Heroes has been increased from 4 Recruits to 10 Recruits; the duration remains unchanged, at 1 minute, and the other costs are unchanged

  • As a small change, Levels 9 and 10 have been retitled from “Train … from old …” to “Retrain your …”, i.e. “Retrain Your EPIC Troops” and “Retrain your LEGENDARY Heroes”

  • The in-game tooltip for Hero Academy itself has been updated: Hero Academy offers advanced training methods which can produce Troops, Heroes, Trainer Heroes and even Heroes of the Month and Event Heroes that are no longer available.

I have verified the Stronghold 25, Hero Academy upgrade, and Hero Academy Research costs, and all appear unchanged from the previous version of Beta.

Here is the full list of “limited” Heroes currently available at a 5% Appearance Rate in Level 10:

I have updated the top post of this thread accordingly.


so 5% with a length of 1 week, means 2.5 heroes per year.
That is really low. Not to mention that you could get a duplicate hero that you already have.

Reduce the time to 4-5 days.
With 4 days length this would provide on average 4.5 heroes per year.


Still not worth to trouble :frowning:
Rewards are not appealing at all for being loyal at least 2 year long.


So does this mean that the event heroes in HA will no longer be available in the event summons

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I don’t think so, I think that tooltip is miswritten.

I gave feedback about that already. They also forgot to mention Season 2 Heroes there.

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There’s a 5% chance of drawing any of 50 heroes (HotMs, Event Heroes, S2 Legendaries)

To put in perspective in the same pool you have 5% (4.75% technically) chance of pulling specifically Horghall [or Khagan or Obakan or insert your choice of S1 Legendary that you don’t want to retrain your legendary for]

Is math different in Finland?
Or are we valuing getting a specific HotMs, Event Heroes, S2 Legendaries at the same 0.1% rate as Myztero?


So, with these odds and bake time, I could get 2 non season 1 5*s (my luck, I’d pull 2 Mok-Arrs, which I already have 2)??

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5% for 1week is too low for an end-game ultimate building.

Stats dont seem to change independently of the hero input.
As such you can feed a HOTM or event and still get 95 times out of 100 a Vanilla legend.

Put this into this perspective: you got 52 max tries a year with 95% chance of getting one of 49 featured heroes. And the number of featured heroes will continue to grow as past HOTM will cease to be featured in Atlantis. Also, it’ll take months to get everything ready (upgrade SH to 25, upgrade iron and food storage, upgrade HA levels until 10, research retraining feature).

By that time we will have 60+ featured heroes, 52 tries a year with 5% odds.

Not worth it

Sounda good for the time, odds and ressources?


I think it depends on the perspective. If you are F2P/C2P and have only a few (if any) HOTM/Season 2/Events legendary heroes, it is worth to try to retrain your legendaries. In this way you can save your gems for Season 3 draws. And even some classical dupes (eg. Lianna, Sartana, Joon) can be useful for you.


You forgot that while you can’t retrain Horghall for Horghall it’s perfectly possible (likely) that you go through a cycle of trading Horghall for Khagan for Horghall for Khagan for several of the 52 weeks you accounted for.


If they made lv 10 a 2-day wait then it would be usable.


I am personally appretiating this rev2 of HA compared to the first one. But I think that still there are issues to fix.
The good:

  • More variety on 5* and transparent chance outcome. I am highly positive on this new thing.
  • Some training times are more reasonable

To be improved:

  • I don’t agree to much with training heroes, as I already said:
    • Level 1 is too demanding and it is not convenient at all comparing to tc 19. I think that lev1 should be erased
    • Level 3 could have some usage (and could be moved to lev 1), but 10 recruits and 3 strong ropes are too much. Recruits can’t be more than 5, expecially if you consider balancing it with tc2. The (high) food cost is already compensating the time saved compared to TC2 (1m instead of 30). Having granted uncommon is already “balanced itself” seeing that this is a very-late building (so it is not so easy to use) and moreover the fact that if you use it you will not able to use different train/swap from HA. Imo if 11k food required, than the number of required recruits should be 2
    • level 5 completely worthless: anyone on a late scenario want to train a s1 3*? And expecially requiring to use 12h? Damn too much even for a good feeder.
  • lack of chance for retrain 4* similar to 5* that could be an interesting feature. The current train (s1) 4* is almost useless (and too slow)
  • lack of chance of getting costumes (imo it is fine that costume obtained for free not include base heroes)
  • time for retrain 5* should be reduced to 4d imo.

I would personally delete “train common heroes”, “train rare heroes” and “train epic heroes”.
and so:

  • Train epic heroes could be replaced with a Retrain 4* hero with the same logic as retrain 5* heroes (so including special heroes 5%).
  • Train uncommon heroes could be placed at level 1 instead of level 3
  • on level 3 (or other different level) you could have train costume (with 5% chance of 5*, 20% chance of 4*, 75% chance of 3*) that DOES NOT include base hero

Some levels are “empty” in my idea. But what I was pointing that I see no reason why any player, reached this point, should even consider to research for "train common heroes, train rare heroes, train epic heroes and train trainer heroes (also the last one because of the time). I instead see a small chance that player could be interested in “train uncommon heroes in 1m” if the cost is reasonable, since it is a feature that is missing in TCs


I see the “new” Event 5*s haven’t been included. No Finley, Marie-Therese, Guardian Gazelle, Puss…

Done on purpose? Is it because they’re newer and fewer players have them?

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It’s an improment to the previous version, but still far from good.
Retraining S1 5*s for a 5% chance of a special hero is reasonable. Could be higher, but a drop of ~2,6 heroes a year (additonal to everything else we got) is nice for any F2P/C2P

My 2 main problems with it are

  1. non-S1 5* should have an increased chance. I doubt SGG would do 100%, but even a 10% chance would be nice
  2. we should be able to trade multiple 5*s for a 100% chance to get the hero we want. Even if we have to trade 10 to 1 it would be better than them slowly amassing on our bank

I am happy they improved some aspects of it but the wait time is still way too long! It should be somewhere around 4 days, not 7. Having it be 7 days is absolutely ridiculous


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