🧪 Early Information on Hero Academy [Part of The Beta Beat v30]




Yeah, that was me.

Some math for SG’s purposes: If you start at 5% and increase the odds by 2.5% per failed training, then the probability of getting at least one S2/Event/HotM Hero in six weeks is 1-(0.95×0.925×0.90×0.875×0.85×0.825) ~= 51.47%. I think a 50/50 shot of getting a single rare Hero every month and a half wouldn’t be too unbalancing; that’s 4-5 Heroes over the course of a year, which, for a building that players need to dedicate two years of effort to isn’t so outrageous.


If a picture is worth 1,000 words, this GIF is like War and Peace! Brilliant.


Wish we could trade, have 3 Elkanen’s, 2 Lianna’s, and a spare Isarnia and Richard to get rid off. Gladly take a Leonidas and Sartana off you.

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Would do it in a heartbeat. I’m almost resigned to putting my paladin emblems on Thorne! Richard would be a much better choice.

I’ve done some analysis of using Hero Academy for leveling up Troops, for anyone interested in that:

=> 🤺 Using Hero Academy as a Troop Training Camp


It seems than time should be divided to 10 at least, because in this state HA seems unusable for troop train.

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Sigh, with this being the final version of the hero academy that will be released this will probably lead to me quitting the game or at least playing a lot less and certainly not spending anymore. Ultimately the hero academy is not only disappointing as a building in what it does but it’s also sad that it took them so long to roll up something that is nothing more than an advanced training camp. I mean if they had actually done something new and interesting there might at least be a reason why it took so long. This doesn’t look like it could have taken much time to implement it so the only conclusion I can come to was they just sat on things and didn’t do anything for a year or more.

They needed to do something now to address two major issues IMO and not only failed to do so. Instead they said we know this is garbage and doesn’t address these but we’ll address those in the future.

  1. Do something to make dupe 5* heroes useful and valuable. As it is the HA10 couldn’t even keep up with a single TC 20 let alone multiple TC 20’s or the backlog most people have built up in the year+ people have been saving in anticipation of it being released.

  2. Provide some form of progression for end game players. When you are starting out the TC 20 covers this. Eventually you’ll get it built and start getting a slow but steady trickle of new heroes to help you improve. HA 10 could have been the natural extension of that. Provide a way to continue to get new heroes to enhance your roster almost indefinitely. There’s already a huge pool of heroes and even if people are getting two non-s1 heroes a month the pool would continue to grow and you’d eventually start getting mostly duplicates.

The hero academy isn’t great but they could have at least made some small tweaks to make it something decent.

In an ideal world they would have implemented a more complex and interesting solution but since they failed to do that my hope was something at least useful. It’s been suggested multiple multiple but allow feeding multiple 5* to increase the chance getting a non-S1 hero from the training. The simple option would have been 5% per hero, possibly with a cap of 5 heroes for a 25% chance. Not ideal IMO because there’s no way someone f2p could sustain it. The sustained rate would end up being 2 or 3 heroes for 10-15% or something like 1 new hero every two to three months which would still be a little low for my taste. 10% a hero would have been an easy tweak that would have put it closer to a new hero a month.

I read an idea on one of the other HA threads that I liked. It was a relatively simple concept that allowed you to turn heroes into a form of currency. This allowed things to be a lot more interesting and covered a lot of people’s concerns pretty well. Non-S1 heroes could be worth more than S1 heroes. Making them give more currency or their own version of the currency that could be used for affecting your chance of getting another hero from the same source. It also suggested making it both F2P friendly and P2P friendly by making random heroes relatively cheap and making buying specific heroes much more expensive. F2P players get more heroes more frequently so they can continue progressing and P2P players get to spend heavily to fill in their last couple heroes getting a reason to keep spending. It also handled 3* and 4* heroes pretty well because you just had to create different values for currency you get them and costs in currency to get them.

EDIT - If you make the conversion of heroes to currency available from the start or early on it even mitigates the HA being late game. Sure you wouldn’t be able to spend the currency until you built the HA eventually but it would still be a valuable resource to accumulate and would help motivate people to eventually build the HA.

If they had done it well it was a chance to keep people playing and opportunity to give something for people to keep spending on. Sadly we get this sorry excuse for an overly expensive mostly useless building that has disappointed most everyone.


I’ll be honest, I don’t understand why people are saying that they’ll quit the game because of the Hero Academy. Sure, it may not be the greatest addition, but can have some use.

That point aside, was this really the main concern that would have kept people playing? I haven’t played many other mobile games, but do they always add new features to keep it “fresh”? We already get new HoTM (of course mileage may very on effectiveness), and we get new heroes with Season 3. Then there are the Tavern of Heroes and Path of Valor.

Ignoring all the above, the game mechanics are still the same, I mean all the new stuff is really optional and you can ignore if you want to without really touching on the core of the game which is fundamentally a match-3 game. I guess if you’re tired of a match-3 game, I can understand.


Because they only stay in the game in the hope that SG will make HA that can deliver something great.


Ok, but my point being is that it’s an optional building that doesn’t quite change the fundamentals of the game. Sure it gives a limited opportunity to get a non-S1 legendary and some troops and trainers, but even if they aren’t of any use to the player, does its existence really decrease the enjoyment of the game?

No it does not decrease the enjoyment of the game. But the fact that we waited almost 2 years for this building they made it super expensive, and super time consuming to run and then they said sorry it wont do the thing that everyone waited for because its a too expensive building so not many could use it… So wait some more for us to find a way to fulfill a promise we made 2 years ago. Now that decreases the enjoyment of the game.


I can’t speak for anyone else but for me it’s because there’s no chance for meaningful progression left with the way Hero Academy is unless I want to spend lots of $$$ for pulls. I’ve got all the S1 5* heroes except for two, Elena and Dominita but I have Seshat so I’m not even sure I’d use Dominita. I’ve got 56 5* pulls from my 3 tc 20’s I’m waiting to claim because I’ve run out of hero space and don’t care if I get either of them and I was hoping what ever 5*s are waiting to be claimed would be useful in the hero academy.

Maybe I’ll get lucky at some point and pull a 5* costume or I’ll get lucky on an event or seasonal pull and pick up a new hero or maybe just a HOTM. At this point I’ve gotten 5 non-s1 heroes in a bit over a year and a half of play. 1 new hero every 4 months or so just isn’t enough to keep me interested and playing. Doing the missions, quest, POV, events etc aren’t horrible in and of themselves but in the end they are a means to an end. Acquiring the mats to level your heroes so you can be more powerful but if don’t have a reasonable chance at getting new heroes to level that doesn’t matter.


My thought why HA may not be so great as expected …

Take level 10 for instance, if unlimited queues were to be allowed,… I can chain in…Horghall, Horghall, Azlar 2…etc up to 10 dupes or more, that saves me 10 spots on the roster…what a QoL it would have been to solve dupes and roster space , but then it translates to not buying 10 more additional heroes cap (500 gems or more).

If the S1 epic hero training is replaced with training Epic troops for instance…it may reduce the quest to pull for those epic mana troops at the epic troops portal…similar effect for training level 2, 4 and 6. …generally make the waiting time of the useful parts so long that it will render them ineffective source at the long run and have less to no impact on the source of revenue…

Then throw it into production…if they make enough noise, after like 1year or two, then it will be revisited, therein tweak a thing or two and that’s it.

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May I ask how long have you been playing?

I have only been playing this game for 1 year 8 months so HA still have some use to me. Though I don’t know whether that is still the case when I can finally use the HA10.

But for someone who had play for 2.5 years whose progression rate have become so slow, even HA10 will not be enough to help them progress further.

But you can build it without spending.

When will vv30 be relased?

@zephyr1 i want to thank you for your contribution to the forum. You are the glue that keeps all this toghether

That beeing said, what are your top choices in the HA? ( Best levels ). Thx. Also the question to everybody: if you had yo pick in order your top 5, what would it be?


top 5:
10: Good chance to get some S1 5* that I’m missing and possibly something better
2: Fastest way to train your troops
6: Cheapest way in HA to train troops
4: Hybrid way to get some more troops
7: Not super exciting for me, but some additional Hero Exp is nice

For some people retraining 4*troops would also be good. I got pretty lucky and already have 3 of each. I’d rather train them up to a decent level than get new more.

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@zephyr1 if i retrain my maxed 5* 4.80 in HA or lv.30 troops , will i also get maxed new heroes/troops or starting from zero level again?

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