🧪 Early Information on Hero Academy [Part of The Beta Beat v30]

My personal RNGod hates me on summons
As long as i have resources i probably try my luck on HA10
But you are absolutely right. Odds are terrible and 7 day training is too long for given odds.

Almost a year to get us something only slightly better than :poop: in your carpet.

Rather than focusing on the emotion void / boiling rage this has inspired I will instead focus on how utterly self-defeating this is for SG.

What is the motive of creating an end-game building?
HA appeared to be a way for SG to extend the time players stay on the game and continue spending. Late game P2P, C2P and F2P all have duplicate heroes they don’t ever plan to level up.
By allowing multiple heroes to be traded in for better odds of a single special (HotM/Event/S2/Seasonal) hero SG would incentivize spending players to continue spending which I would have sworn was the intention of this building.
F2P players probably will hang around longer because now they finally have a decent shot at the more powerful heroes.

INSTEAD SG gives us a building where we are almost certain to get yet more S1 heroes (WHO GIVES A COPULATION!?!) with very low odds of a “special” hero.

This is an unfathomable error by SG.

IF you regularly spent XX per month and have 40 5* heroes sitting at 1-1 and no hope of being fed. You have slowed down your spending because the odds of getting specific heroes is so low and the backlog of unleveled 5* heroes has you demoralized.
You are now CERTAIN to stop spending.

  1. There is no mechanism to reduce the total number of surplus heroes in a 1x1 swap.
  2. Any “valuable” hero (ie not S1) has a 95% chance of becoming S1 :poop:

An upcoming player that has begun to spend heavily will realize that they have no reason to continue spending once they have their main bases covered and SHOULD have a lower lifespan value to SG.

SG has just told us to go pleasure ourselves. It makes no sense. This building SHOULD be the way SG increases revenue and instead has turned it into something that logically reduces total spending.

Maybe the original SG’ team wants to destroy the longterm value of P&E for Zynga? That is the only thing that justifies such a self-harming design.


Personal Situation:

  • I did not buy any deals in Valhalla last month.

  • I did not buy and AR deals last week.

  • I have not/will not buy any Teltoc offers this week.

  • I have 44 5* sitting at 1-1, most of which would never be fed if there were a decent or unique alternative.

  • I have 41 4* sitting at 1-1 waiting for HA.

This makes it easy, there is no point in spending more. I’ll finish off my gems and then allow this obsession to become an occasional passtime.



SG/Zynga…in the neverending Scrooge Mcduck party.Well Zynga is well known for destroying games.I guess this is the time for empires too.Unbelievable after all the suggestions to make at least one building a little better for people but nooo they refuse to lose a cent.


The way I see it: The odds to get a non s1 hero are probaby about the same as getting any s1 5* out of TC 20. I stopped using TC 20 for a while now, though I’d still like to have Joon and Marjana. Since I got Seshat last Atlantis I don’t really need Sartana anymore, but would probably still keep one… (maybe even Domitia, not sure). So my chances of getting a hero I would like are probably somewhere around 12-13% (since there are also some special heroes I don’t like or already have, and also not counting Sartana). As long as I have some dupe 5* heroes I will put them in HA10. Still much more attractive than running TC20 and hoping for Joon. For people in a situation like me, having a few dupes and still missing some of the good S1 heroes, it’s actually a better alternative for TC20.

I agree though, for everyone who has no interest in any s1 five star, the odds are pretty unattractive.


Lets suppose TC2 give:
55% 1* (150 XP)
45% 2* (390 XP)
Thus 1 training equal to 55%×150 + 45%×390 = 258 XP

While HA7 give:
50% 1* trainer (1000 XP)
40% 2* trainer (1500 XP)
9% 3* trainer (2500 XP)
1% 4* trainer (5000 XP)
Thus 1 training equal to 50%×1000 + 40%×1500 + 9%×2500 + 1%×5000 = 1375 XP

1375/258 = 5.33
XP from HA7 is 5.33 larger than TC2 per training.

Time wise, TC is 30 minutes while HA7 is 9 hours (18 times slower), which means the XP/hour is:
TC2: 258×2 = 516
HA7: 1375÷9 = 152.78

516/152.78 = 3.38
XP per hour from TC2 is 3.38 times larger than HA7.

Food cost wise, TC2 cost 2000 while HA7 cost 45000. As we need 5.33× TC2 training to match 1 HA7 in XP, the food cost of TC2 become 5.33 × 2000 = 10660. The difference is 45000-10660 = 34340. However, it means we are feeding 5.33x heroes instead of just 1 (4.33 more).

34340÷4.33 = 7930
If the cost of feeding a hero is 7930 or lower, TC2 is cheaper.
If the cost of feeding a hero is higher than 7930, HA7 is cheaper.


Sorry I have been floating in and out. Is it confirmed then that there’s no point in holding dupe 5*?

Some point in holding some 5* dupes but no point in 3*/4* dupes.

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Thanks @yelnats_24

Sorry to be a pain, could you show me the part where 5* dupes are utilised?

This is the cost of HA10, along with 300 recruits and 1288k food.

I don’t want to push any buttons, just wanted to ask would this info be shared here or a separate thread? If shared eventually.

Right but there’s no point hoarding 10 Magni’s?

No unless you are incredibly lucky and get 10 non dupes in 10 attempt.

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If it comes from Small Giant directly, a separate thread.


AH I see, so dupes are only useful to the extent that you can convert them into a hero you don’t have

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There might be. I would be patient and wait until the dust settles before feeding away a slew of dupes. I mean, if you’ve kept them upwards of 3 years, what will it hurt to wait until v30 is released?


Maybe v31 as they said it is final version… that is if they decide to overhaul it post release like AL…

Well, there may be more shared around or before the release of v30. It’s best to wait for pertinent information.

I wouldn’t expect any saving graces, timelines, or concrete promises (It is SG). However, I would expect the issue to be commented on given the high bar of expectations that the HA will likely fail to meet.

I personally will probably never feed away a 5*. They represent too much value to be wasted on a minuscule amount of XP and it is too poor of a game design to have no use for them. This shouldn’t be a permanent feature in the game economy.


Ah @Kikyo you are an idealist indeed, I salute you.

I have completely* lost that trait about me lol (*mostly)

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I think this disqualifies me from idealist. :wink: It’s also easier to have the view after the berating SG’s taken in beta through the 4 or so cycles of the Hero Academy. I’ve criticized SG and been angered by HA’s almost intransigent design, but there are much more impassioned posts than mine in beta. I tend to walk away or post a very succinct post if I’m perturbed by something.

I’m unlikely to stay in beta if nothing is announced publicly and have already started free/more casual play in the live game (as much as a leader can be casual, I suppose).


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