🧪 Early Information on General Hero Balance Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v37]

Miki, domitia, throne, khagan ?? Are you guys serious ?

What about old hotms and stats? Specials are not everything

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Happy to see S1 buffed!
But Noor - is that suppose to be joke?
C’mon guys, his speed have to be at least at average, most likely fast. 5% buff for minions is like nothing, when it comes to Noor.
Show some love pls.

None asked for buffing Miki, tho he gets more serious buff than Noor.


Well, I was about to max Noor anyway, this announcement makes my decision more justified. Horghall 280%? Well, I can’t complain to that! :slight_smile:

Guess I’ll keep embleming this little tree. :see_no_evil:


Quintus looking on very annoyed at Horghall and Justice buffs. Stronger damage AND status effects


Aegir is an okay tank. This small tweak will make him slightly better. Yes, why not?

Miki’s main purpose is titan fights and any kind of tournament with ranking. He’s a beast there. Also, in Mana Rush wars/tournaments he’s pretty nasty to fight against. Therefore, I don’t think he should be made even better.

Very happy to see this. Unlike most others here, I think this is a considerable boost and will make Noor quite good - not in all situations and matchups but in some definitely. Also, with 30 % base attack, her minions will be pretty strong if boosted by Freya’s ravens (and maybe Frosth)

They are all heroes which are rarely used now without costume. In particular, Obakan’s 260% are really weak (more like a 4* hero special than a 5*). Thorne’s special already hits quite hard, but only if his attack is boosted to above 700 (and most players will have better targets for the emblems).
Overall, these boosts absolutely make sense to me and Iike them.

True, both heroes are quite weak outside of Mana Rush wars/tournaments. However, a boost beyond 270% without also boosting Quintus does not seem like balancing (also Costume Quintus would be a lot worse than normal Horghall with 280%).
I’m absolutely in favor of a boost for Horghall and Justice – but a smaller increase would be sufficient. Also, Quintus, C. Quintus, and Elena would need a boost if balancing should be the goal.
Horghall: 240% → 260%
Justice: 245% → 265%
Quintus: 270% → 280%
C. Quintus: 235% → 250 %
Elena: 202% → 215 %
C. Elena: Do not own her and have had few fights against her so far, so I cannot judge if her special is already good…

I actually think the last boost made Khagan an already quite good hero compared to other S1. I don’t think he needs another buff.

Oh and BTW. When will Dawa and Vlad be buffed? True, they are “only” 3* heroes and, thus, have little impact, still they are very far below par and would really need a considerable buff.


Max Quintus (no costume bonus): 747 attack * 270% = 2016.9

Max Horghall (ditto): 657 attack * 280% = 1839.6 + debuff

Justice: 609 * 285% = 1735.6 + blind

So, no, Horghall and Justice don’t deal more damage. Base stats matter. A lot.

This isn’t saying that Quintus shouldn’t get a buff too, but saying that he’s worse than them after this doesn’t pass the sniff test.


I think the guys can’t completely see the problem with Noor. That hero may start working if set to fast or average+effect. Her minions are fine already, not the part to work on.
I know they want to keep Freya and Bera more effective so that people are pulling on Valhalla, but right now Noor has no use in the game (unless the only red 5* available).

Horghall and Justice are going to be buffed in costume mode as well? Otherwise, there’s no point.

About Justice’s buff, mind fact that her damage is pairing Thor on his third special. Weird.


I’m all for these buffs, but I also wonder about costumes for ALL of these heroes.

Never. They must remain the laughing stock of E&P in order for TRUE balance to be maintained. If Aife can’t beat them up, then what’s the point of this game!?!?

That said, Dawa costume is actually pretty good.

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Good point mate, I should have put %, I do feel the blind and debuff are a very good compensation for the lower damage output though


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It’s not enough for Noor. Bera and Freya still underclass her.


Please do not drag the discussions about Noor and her usefulness of lack thereof here. You can wage that war with Homacles on other threads (just search Noor if you’re so inclined).

The topic here is specifically regarding the balance changes


For me, Noor is completely useless. I don’t have her. If I had her, I might have a different opinion.

In any case, NO hero is “completely useless.”

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Some people obviously don’t have brains.

If Horghall and Justice with this changes do less damage it doesn’t mean they are worse than Quintus.

Quintus do more demage becouse he has bigger attack, not because he is better.

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Hi @Guvnor,
Season 1: Looks like only 5* heroes will be balanced here. What about the 4* and 3* heroes? :slight_smile:


If they aren’t listed it isn’t in this beta.


:grinning: I love that you preemptively did this in anticipation of the Noor king’s fury. You need to pin this as the main topic because this will easily be lost in the sea of disappointed Noor comments and Ultimately when the king himself graces this thread


It’s sad! These heroes are in demand in Events. :slight_smile:

Why don’t they up Thorne to 500%? A much satisfying number to see

Why would Aegir even get a buff on upping defence? He has aged poorly in this meta. That 5% defence up probably doesn’t matter

I’ll take Khagans buff everyday of the week. A hero I use a lot (and I have one of those shiny sparkly rosters too)

He’s already doing well…now 380% to all 3? Woof.


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