🧪 Early Information on General Hero Balance Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v30]

With all the upcoming non green minion summoners, this change could get me to finally give the captain some capes.

#BuffMarjana (since they refuse to make another red sniper)


Vanilla heroes should get a buff especially khagan but it will not happen because of costumes and vanillas can be acquired through tc20, sg will make no money there.

While inari, she may be buffed since atlantis heroes can be summoned monthly with coins and gems. There is money for SG there. And inari should really be buffed, costume kadilen, being fast AOE with the same skill, is laughing at her.:sweat_smile:


Dont forgot and Neith


And JF too please. Burn for 3 or initial damage, not greedy, would be happy if he did 135%


I think he is still not worth… in theory.
Better is the V1 buff… I’m waiting for anyone in beta tester about his buff.
Each enemy can only be hit once <-- I hope this should be removed


Agree 100%


I’d love to see the hero academy have a level for training season 2 and season 3 hero’s…kinda terrible to have to wait for one time a month to simply have a shot at these.

Hi, I recently sign up the forum, because of the useless “Guardian Owl”. I have no lots of options as a yellow tank so I have to use him constantly. There’s an update for him, but really disappointment. Sorry, but he’s still useless.

I cant’s use him in war or actual defense team. If you put him at the center of the team, you can’t any benefit from “the damage increased by %50 per each dead ally” feature.
Also with his actual attack value (601), “deals %280 damage to all enemies” update, still not enough feature as a “very slow” tank. Unfortunately, there’s no noticeable effect of this.
Let’s put him at the corner… Ooops right, he was “very slow”… I forgot, my bad… Most likely he’ll heve fallen before his mana fully fill up.
I mean he doesn’t have strong effect on the opponent, as it should be.

In just one low probability scenario, if only Owl stands at the end of the raid with full range, if there’s no hero(es) to make “counterattack” / “decrease attack or defense” / “negative effect on his mana” / “dispel buff” etc. at the opponent, Owl can put some fascinating show.
I’m using him for 1,5 years and this type of scenario’s occurred several times.

Please just think about this kind of problems. As an advise, -at least- you can add some “resistance” and turn him from “very slow” to “slow”. Maybe then, balance’ll be achieved.


#buffRanvir - remove damage to the target, remove the minus to precision, foe him like Miki

Everyone will write about improving cards that they have, not about those that are missing :wink:

I like the changes, but Guardian Owl still seems too weak. I think that a blinding effect would be a nice improvement to his special, even the animation looks dazzling, so this would fit well here.


I was about to finally ascend Khagan, but seeing his buff reverted, I’m happy I haven’t. He’s just… meh. Well, if I had surplus of rings, maybe I will level him up. But as it stands, I have no incentive. Costume (if it’s gonna be released) will not fix things completely, because, well, first I need to pull it, and it’s not a small feat. He’s not very, very bad. Just underpowered on my stage of game. (Very c2p, 2 years).

I hv some questions and suggestions

  1. Danzaburo

Any change to remove that freeze ability because it is so much disgusting, if we in a critical situation and do his special he simply freeze and silent for 2 turns , what a joke .

  1. Boomer

Is any change in him as his attack is weak and is it good to provide emblem to him ? Now his attack stat is weak so special is also like weak .

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Looking at the skill name (Watery Grave) maybe he could be changed into giving some water damage.


Eh; the 6% buff to Khagan’s damage (320-340) was essentially meaningless anyway. Khagan is a mana booster, one of the only ones red has (that I can think of anyway); frankly I’d rather see the damage reduced in favor of changing his mana speed to Average or even Fast. Something like that might turn him into a worthwhile character; as-is he is pretty much the ur-example of a character that looks useful but ultimately has no place on any team.

Overall an unfortunate reaffirmation of 5* S1 Red as the bottom of the heap. Blue has Magni; Green has Lianna; purple has Domitia; yellow has Joon and Justice, but red is still a barren wasteland when it comes to useful S1 5*s. It’s no wonder Telluria still dominates the meta, given that her opposing element has nothing to offer unless the player has pulled some rare S2, S3, or Event heroes.

I’m also disappointed about Gomek, and frankly confused, given that both Tiburtus and Grimm both have better stats than he does, even after the proposed changes.

Red has marjanna?She is one of best s 1 heroes

Marjana still doesn’t hv constume (5% atk defence mana and 10% health ) , once it comes she surely will be beast

Marjana is the weakest S1 5* sniper.

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Marjanna has a low attack stat for a sniper; she’s not so much a good S1 as she is better than the trash that is the rest of the red S1 5* lineup.

Attack stats of S1 snipers:
Joon (yellow): 749
Leonitas (yellow): 731
Lianna (green): 729
Magni (blue): 793
Sartana (purple): 694
Domitia (purple): 725
Marjana (red): 669

The only other S1 sniper that’s even close to as bad is Sartana, who is also considered pretty crap; she’s more than 55 points lower than any of the other actual S1 snipers. Marjana is basically a 4* sniper with a little more HP that you have to pay Epic-tier ascension mats for.

She also does burn damage which overlaps with a lot of other red characters. That’s another somewhat unique problem red has: most of their attackers do burn damage, which overlaps on targets, meaning a mono-element red team tends to trip over itself. It’s anti-synergy, and yes the whales can pull a few S2, S3 and Event heroes that don’t do burn damage to piece together a red team that doesn’t trip over itself in this way, but far too many reds have an anti-synergy problem compared to other colors.

The entire S1 red 5* lineup is a s***show. Elena and Marjana need to trade statlines, so Elena gains some survivability to become an actual wall and Marjana becomes an actual sniper that can hit for beans. Elena, Azlar and Khagan all need Average mana generation, even if it costs all of them some damage % off of their special attack, so they’re not irrelevant. Finally, burn damage needs to stack.


Will there be second wave of balance?

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