🧪 Early Information on Friendly Matches [Part of The Beta Beat V35]

I don’t care at all about this addition, it doesn’t really add any value to me as it stands. Now if you let me watch the fights then it gets a bit more useful, but what would be much better is to just let us watch war fights as they happen.


Beta Update

This feature returned for additional testing in Beta V35.5

The main changes are:


Can you clarify how that can actually happen? I’d love a function where a more experienced player could donate to a newer player? Is there a way or is it going to be a function included in friendly.matches that I’ve missed?

They buy an Apple or Google gift card and give them the code. With the code everybody can use it.

I like the update so it doesnt spam the alliance chat so much, also should cut down on the bullying potential discussed earlier as it wont be visible to everyone how many times their team got beat.

Also the change to allow formations etc to be part of it is nice, will be good to play about with that before setting a live defence team on it.

Really looking forward to this update.

Friendly Alliance Matches.

That is arwsome news, can’t wait for it to arrive, we’ll done SG

Hi, feel like tje novelty may wear off quite quick but thanks for introducing this feature.

I hope, that down the line we can apply war scenario set ups like arrow attack, equaliser etc to allow us to more effectively strategise our teams ahead of wars etc

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