🧪 Early Information on Friendly Matches [Part of The Beta Beat V35]

My point was that I won’t allow that in my alliance. How other people choose to run their own alliances, and what their own members are willing to put up with, is their own business.

It’s my alliance and I get to set the rules. Yes, I have officially designated my alliance as a “safe space” for like-minded friendly people who play at their own pace. It would obviously not be your cup of tea, and that’s okay. That’s why we have different alliances in the game in the first place, yes?

I never said the feature should be removed from the game. I just said that for my alliance specifically, members are expected to be courteous, friendly, and respectful to one another. That means that if someone in my alliance requests that nobody else in the alliance raid them, we honor their request simply out of mutual respect.


And you won’t allow bullying with the new feature either regardless of opt in, because you can kick anyone who is being a dixk. As you said, you control the rules of your alliance and this doesn’t change that.
My point was that limitations on features should not be added out of fear of potential bullying when there already exists plenty of control in an alliance to eliminate bullying and this feature doesn’t enable anything worse than what existing features like chat already enable.


People can choose if they let online bullying affect them or not because it literally doesn’t affect them in any tangible way?

I had never heard it put that way.


Conveniently missing the point again and ignoring my last reply.

Bullying in the confines of the game is limited to mental impact and not tangible impact to resources or opportunities. This should be obvious.
Again , chat is far and away worse as an avenue to potentially bully yet we don’t ban chat. If you experience bullying, leave, if you are a leader and see bullying, kick. Don’t limit features because of it.

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I quoted almost verbatim what you said.

If you don’t want players to opt out of activities that they may hate, it’s rather pointless discussing bullying and I don’t want to discuss this more than I already have anyway.


Oops I’d confused you with TGW. Apologies. My point above stands though and I don’t feel it needs be construed with tangibility of outside of game situations.

I don’t think I had suggested that the feature be limited… I think that was someone else’s idea. I personally like the feature and look forward to playing around with it - but only with other members who want to.

I wouldn’t be opposed to an opt-out option. There is an opt-out option for wars, and I’m glad there is, because I don’t want anyone in my alliance to be forced to participate in a war if they can’t or don’t want to for any reason.

If there is no actual opt-out option available in the game, my alliance will have a verbal opt out option. Only enforceable by me and other co-leaders, naturally… same as my basic rules against being a douche towards other members in chat.

Again, so there are no misunderstandings… I do want this option in the game. Some in my alliance do not want it. Those who don’t want it will not be forced to participate.


If Friendly match has a distinctive defense team and small reward, sound good. Sorry, just my opinion, because I’m a cup dropper.

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There’s no reward, nor should there be.


Yup, for me just activity for spare time, i rarely talk about my friend’s defense team

Self-attack please.

And if you are being generous, custom battle.
A battle where we can select any hero (available in the game) for def and for attack and stage a mock battle.

This will actually allow people to train and understand the game better.


thats the same that i proposed so people can learn every hero in the game.

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Follow up question @zephyr1 (and moving to the right thread lol, sorry): will raid formations be used in friendly matches?

No idea, Raid Formations haven’t returned to Beta since the last updates on them in 🧪 Early Information on Raid formations [Part of The Beta Beat v31]


The two haven’t co-existed in Beta before, but the premise of Raid Formations was that it affected your Defense Team setup, so presumably whether it’s a Friendly Match, or um, unfriendly(?) one, it would use your same Defense Team either way.

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I landed here too, just wasn’t sure since Friendlies aren’t purely Raids it seemed like there’s some room for interpretation there. fwiw we’re really hoping that they are just for the opportunity to practice fighting the new formations :crossed_fingers:

thanks for the quick follow up :+1:

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Think this will be an interesting feature for some of our Alliance members but not others!
Like the limit of 5 a day - some kind of natural limit on time spent and obsessing over strategies is quite sensible, also limits the system messages.

1: Have an opt out. Some may not be keen to see a list of other members pulverising their defence
2. Be able to choose whether you attack war defence or raid defence. War defence should be the default one as that counts for the alliance so why practice against a potentially different defence??
3. Have a separate section for the friendly match message results - otherwise it clutters the news feed!
4. Bonus: be able to select which war rule to apply.

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I aggree with something you said but something not. I aggree about the limit attacks per player so people do not keep doing that all day, and this attack refreshes it could be 10 attacks per week or 3\5 attacks per day.

Why would someone not like to see his defense lose a raid? like it is normal to be attacked so i do not think it would make players mad to be attacked by some1 they know instead from a stranger. This can help them see if there is any flaw in the defense or if it is good the way it is.

I think it is to improve defense this would be just a how could i say “more work for the attacked” to change his raid defense team into his war defense team for a day and then change it back as it was.

I think that i read that players do not get a message for being attacked this way by another member. But anyway if there is the message i would made a note near the player when you see the list of the players that attacked you from last time you were online.

This could be intresting to choose a specific rule to use, not only war rule but also raid tournament rule as well. So you can make a team for every situation and you just have to remember the team you had when you did this try with this rule.


I think these are all good ideas myself.


This is going to be an awesome addition to the game.

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do we know the exact date?

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