🧪 Early Information on Friendly Matches [Part of The Beta Beat V35]

If I recall correctly I have not written anywhere that I hated being attacked, all I wrote was simply an option to chose if I want to participate or not in the new feature, just like it is with newer features like alliance wars, tournament etc, and again this is my opinion and I am still wondering why this simple opinion could be an issue. You had sought clarification it was given in posts above, If you don’t like the opinion simply read and move on, every opinion has ground here whether opposing or supporting.


It is amazing how we tend to jump into conclusion and tow the same line on issue without actually reading the context, possibly because it is an opposing view, would there be anything wrong in if we have a choice in participating in a feature?

So why don’t you ask for free opt-out option in Regular Raid???

There are 4 features where you can get attacked: Alliance War, Regular Raid, Raid Tournament, and Friendly Match.

Only Alliance War and Raid Tournament have opt-out choice.

That is because they are competitions.

Regular Raid and Friendly Match are not competitions.

I am not disliking your opinion. I am simply confused by the explanation because you are talking as if Friendly Match is a competition like AW/Tourney.

Friendly Match is very similiar to Regular Raid with the difference is in Regular Raid, the opponents are any players not in your alliance while in Friendly Match, the opponents are any players in your alliance.

It makes me wonder… Why you want opt-out choice in Friendly Match but not in Regular Raid?


I’ve actually read the entire thread, so perhaps I’m not the one jumping to conclusions here.

Yes. It increases UI complexity, takes dev/test time, translation costs, etc.

There’s tons of actual useful game related UI tweaks that have been desired for years, and they haven’t been implemented. So one that doesn’t have ANY game impact, but is there just because you don’t see the usefulness of this feature… yeah, that doesn’t make the grade.

We seem to be missing something here. Opting out isn’t that big a idea. It shouldn’t be any more difficult than coding for wars. They’ve already done that. It shouldn’t be difficult to do so for friendly matches.

Maybe it’s not about opting out. Maybe it’s about being comfortable with a new feature. And I can understand that. There’s been so many new things recently, let those who want to opt out do so.


The thing is, there is no difference in using those flags or not, if you don’t want to use the flags, just don’t use it and you are almost as good as opt-out.

So opt-out will only result in no defense notification and nothing else. That was why I assume this:

please add the possibility to fight our own defense

I personally am excited about this feature. Not so much to test my attack teams… I test those all the time. But I never get to test my own defense team.

I mean sure, I can log in and see that someone raided me and took my cups, or someone in the war one shotted me, but I have no way of knowing the details… did they use a higher level team than mine? Did they go mono? Did they just get lucky boards? Was there one particular hero they had trouble with? Would that hero be more effective in a different position?

These are the things I don’t know. These are the things I would very much like to know. If / when this feature is implemented, I want my fellow alliance mates to attack me, and point out any potential flaws in my defense.

On the other hand, I mentioned to a few other members that this feature may be coming soon, and some of them do not like it at all. Even though the attacks themselves don’t matter - they won’t be losing cups or resources; they just do not like the idea of their own teammates attacking them and using that as a measuring tool to critique / criticize them.

Some of my members would gladly welcome the advice. Others just want to be left alone.

When this feature does roll out, I am going to make it an alliance rule that no member can attack another member’s defense team without the other member’s permission, in keeping with my general overall rule of mutual respect. It doesn’t matter if it “doesn’t matter” in the grand scheme of the game; if being randomly attacked by people who are supposed to be friends is bothering one of my alliance mates, then it matters to them, and you should respect their wishes.


This I can understand.


I was personally excited when I heard the news. I actually want everyone in my alliance to raid me and tell me what I’m doing wrong defensively, so that I can fix my hopelessly broken defense team, which I have lovingly nicknamed “Butter Fingers” for their uncanny ability to somehow drop every single cup I manage to pick up.

When I told my girlfriend the “good news”, she was less than enthusiastic.

“You mean now everyone in the alliance can raid me any time they want?”

“Well yeah, but you won’t lose any trophies or anything, it’s just for practice…”

“And then they’re going to tell me how much my team sucks and that I need to switch this hero and that hero or whatever?”

“Erm… they might offer some constructive criticism, but you know they all mean well…”

“I don’t care. I don’t want them raiding me without my permission. If I want their advice, I’ll ask for it.”

Copy that!

So basically, once this feature ends up going live, my girlfriend’s team is strictly off limits. And seeing as how she is my #1 co-leader, violating that prohibition could end up being a kickable offense. :grin:


thats why we need to be able to attack our own defense and see by ourself
those who just want to be left alone can make some test by themselves


I agree, that would be perfect.

I do have a slight workaround for that… I can actually attack myself using an alt account.

… though that wouldn’t be entirely helpful either if my alt is not at the same “level” as my main. Wish I could just straight up attack my main with my main. Apples to apples.


I had a different concept in my grip on this “event” … I always thought of a battle against the heroes of a partner of my Alliance to be able to show how good or bad those heroes were that the ally placed in team defense, or debate and do tests on any hero, in addition to being able to observe one or several members or all … that combat in case you are interested …
I think what is coming has nothing to do with it.
Still, welcome.

I dont think I would use an option to attack myself if it was there. Not opposed to its inclusion just dont think itd be overly useful for me.

It might be more useful if you have a massive roster or are so far ahead of the rest of your alliance that none of them would have the ability to adequately challenge you.

As it stands though, I have plenty of hero gaps which other players might not that could deal with my d effectively. As a result I might believe my defence to be stronger than it is just because I dont have the right combination of heroes/ enough levelled up troops that someone else does.

I dont want to see any kind of opt out feature for this. Just make it part of the standard alliance mechanics. Get rid of the fight limit and allow us to fight our own defense, then we are golden.

Opt out doesn’t do anything. Bullying won’t be an issue because there is literally no reward to it and it’s actually a time cost.

We are alliances that fights in wars. Now we get to train against eachother and help eachothers defences too, and even create tournaments. If you don’t like competing, being part of an alliance or being raided you’re already in the wrong game.

Here’s an idea nobody’s mentioned:

Those who fight alliance members with lower TP fight with teams with lower TP. That way you can not only help your alliancemates, but you can challenge yourself with heros you don’t usually use while at the same time evaluating your heros for possible use in the future.

This way you don’t have to have an opt-out button and no one needs to feel intimidated by other players.

Besides, when fighting others with lower TP than yours, it’s not much of a challenge is it? And you’ll be helping your teammates rather than embarrassing them.

Another option: fight a lower TP team using only 2 or three heros. That gives you the opportunity to evaluate your regularly used heros in a different light. :wink:


Then you limit the ability to run a tournament. There needs to be no limitations

I have several members in my alliance who don’t participate in wars. That is their choice.

Not everyone likes to play this game competitively. It certainly was not advertised as a competitive PVP game when I downloaded it.

Bullying is always an issue when multiplayer is involved. Especially when you throw in a competitive aspect. There is literally “no reward” to internet trolling, but that doesn’t stop people from doing it.

There are enough members in my alliance that I think would be okay with being raided by each other, and those are the ones who normally participate in wars anyway; there is no reason for us to go bothering the other members who just want to grind provinces and hit the titan at their own speed.

I’ve already said outright, I give everyone in my alliance the green light to raid my team and provide feedback. I am not the strongest player on my team, but I am still very interested to know how well my team actually holds up when attacked by stronger players.

There are other members in my alliance who are not opted in to war and do not want or need our unsolicited advice.

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Even if someone wanted to bully me and raided my team all day long, it’s my choice if I let that affect me because it literally doesn’t affect me in any tangible way.

Should we ban in game chat because it potentially allows the exact same impact of bullying and far worse? What about choosing who is a member Vs elder? I’d like to bully someone by making everyone elder except one so we should remove that feature. I’d also suggest removing alliance messages because I just used it to bully a member of my alliance. I’d also like to remove any interaction between members in all future dev plans please or else add a safe space option where a player gets 5 star heros for free and can’t ever be raided by anyone.

The problem with bullying is nobody is allowed to leave an alliance where they are being bullied. The feature you should be demanding is for people to be allowed to leave alliances , then bullying could never truly be an issue to worry about. :ok_hand:

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