🧪 Early Information on Fated Summon [Part of The Beta Beat V52]

And the turnover frequency could be longer if they are gearing this strictly towards f2p and c2p. I’m not shy about spending 20 or 30 bucks a month and I still calculate that it’ll take me 4 or 5 months to fill the counter. So, basically, if they reset it every 3 months, I’m probably not even looking at the list I’ll have to choose from.

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Yep. 34 EHT to burn, the portal is right there and I can’t use them yet. I’m sooo impatient with it right now. I know it doesn’t really make any difference to wait a week, I’ve got plenty of projects going and won’t start levelling anything new this week anyway.

But dammit, I just want to summon already! Haha…there’s something wrong with me. It’s gonna be a looong week :rofl:



I pulled the HOTM early in September and my full of thumb is no more pulls when I get the HOTM, so it’s been more than a month since I’ve pulled. Feeling withdrawals.


I’m going to wait… even after fated launches… there’s a good chance christmas heroes are going to be even more crazy than the halloween… I don’t know… but they will probably make someone crazy to nerf later down the road… like they does.

I do that too… but celidana, morax, and balur don’t really appeal to me at all… I’m inclined to pull regardless of getting the hotm and just soul exchange them like with klearn.

I cant wait for Baldur! SG world will kneel before my Quadruple costume Baldur domination on attack :smiley:

I plan to also have twin C.Baldur defense :

C. Baldur - Morel - Rhys - C. Panther - Baldur

Morel and Rhys for def down/ attack up (Baldur strikes will hurt even more)
Rhys/ C. Panther for cleanse/ buff prevention : no dodging my baldurs, you gotta eat fists :stuck_out_tongue:
Rhys helps with HP boosts also, keeping Baldurs strikes longer
Costume Bonus and Rhys bard bonus to make Baldurs proc earlier

No hope for enemies :slight_smile:


Trash talk is good for the soul

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So you’re saying there’s a chance Fated Summons will come out right before alliance quest portal closes? I really wanted to do a 10 pull… Might set an alarm for this so maybe I don’t have to wait for next time :joy:

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I want to know this as well, since I would like to do some summons in COK, but I probably will wait til monday morning.

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This is just a guess from me.

I am unsure @Petri 's plans on when they will force the update.

They usually do it at 9:00 AM UTC, which is 2 hours after the portal ends.

They can maybe just do not care about the Lure will not be active for 2 hours.

I think if they want to enable it earlier then it will happen 1 day earlier on Sunday.

If they do not do it, then the second scenario is most likely so we can not pull in the Alliance Quest portal and make it count in the Fated Summon.


Is this the real list does it carry over if it refreshes?

Where will the summon bar be located?
So I know for sure when the feature is active.
Apologies if it’s already mentioned
20 pulls…

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Top left corner when you click on summon,portal



It will be here:


Guys Im sorry if it this was answered before but I couldnt find it.
Which summons from tokens will count?
Only from the Epic Hero Token or also the simple Summon Token?

Portals with legendary heroes.

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Epic Hero Token and some other coins like tower coins, keys, underwilds coins, atlantis, but the silver coins are not counted

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The answer is in the first post.


This Feature is live.
You can discuss it here: