🧪 Early Information on Costumes Post-Hiatus Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v26]

The thing is… If my costumed Joon is defending in war AND he can go out to do a raid attack or participate in the fighter trial (with his costume on) is it really that impossible for him to put off his costume for a moment to participate in the monk trial? I mean… he is abandoning the war field all the time to attack regular monsters, raids and the fighter trial, so it shouldn’t be that impossible!

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I’m glad that I fetched the Vivi costume on my first ever costume summon. I think I’ll never be able to get another 5* costume with these odds as a f2p < :confused: > c2p player…

I love the whole costume idea but… it’s very frustrating when you got a costume for someone you never had…

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Lame… thats no fun

so like… i don’t know where to ask this, but announcement says v26 is out, but I don’t see it on my phone? o.o and nobody is talking about it on the forums either?

Rollout of v26 started on Android and rel notes don’t mention any key v replacement for prior pulls.

Costumes is flawed at core. If you’re later game you either have these heroes or have much better one and don’t really want slight costume bump. New players see newer heroes and at same cost what’s the point of going for a slightly better s1 that you still have to level TWICE when you can try for s2 heroes that are generally better.

The costumes should be literally a costume that if they want to still force the leveling let it be a one time thing then it can be used at max on ANY herro.

Right now you have say bane 3.50 call bane max, bane 1.1 and bane costume. You should only have to level the costume and then put it on bane max and bane 1.1 and have it give them max stats. Right now you can’t afaik. You have to put it on bane max and level it to max. So now you have 1 card of bane w and wo costume . To use both at same time at max you have to max another bane and take costume and put on him. Then you can use both max bane’s one w costume and one without.

Just seems like ALOT of work to improve heroes that was too complex . Just buff them. Like I said older players don’t want to have another Richard or whatever. Sure a few are good like Viv, Tigard , Sonya etc. But many are only stat bumps like Joon . I have Joon maxed and 2 dupes. No costume though. And I don’t really want it as it gives him a star bump. On heroes like that I think it’s best to just put it on already max hero and use new version. But on heroes like Sonya it’s nice to have both versions but you would need to max 2 heroes and a costume to use both in same match.

All this and still no HA. I think if that’s bad many will leave and many will consider it. I know I will likely play much less if it’s bad. I don’t want another Joon or magni, and while I’m happy I have the snipers from tc20 I still want new heroes on occasion. But lacking only Sartana, Marjana, elkanen, azlar, and quintus with 3 tc20 running until I get at least sartana and marjana, I want new heroes to use.
Other games give you full access to all features pay or not but you just have to grind longer if you don’t spend alot but here you literally don’t get access to everything if you don’t spend. Granted you get coins for events and Atlantis but once done Atlantis getting enough for a pull each month is tough. Events give about 2 or 3 if you beat all but 5he odds are bad. Now you get keys from chests, mv, etc. but if you struggle to get gems as f2p or vc2p do you really want to use them at chamber or atlantis? At least you get hotm chance now and an AM chest.

It just came out minutes ago. They roll it out slowly to Android first then iOS. It’s usually a few days until everyone has it. People will talk as the POV and costume chamber are back w changes . Wait a day or two and you will update and see discussion

why do they roll out “slowly” and not the same for everyone?

Also, do you happen to know who gets to have it “rolled out” first?

Don’t worry, new content is enabled all at once when SG has stopped supporting the older version. No one gains an advantage from a head start.

The roll-out starts on Android and then iOS (Apple). People that know more than I do mentioned the vetting process from Apple takes longer than Android. Also, roll-out is by geographies to keep the server loads to something reasonable…


In addition to answer below your post, at a certain point you must update as it comes up at start of game. It reduces server load since it’s not the only files at Google play or apple store they are huge servers. It also allows any bugs that still exist to be reported and fixed quickly so those who haven’t updated don’t have to keep going back. If after first group a bug shows up that needs urgent repair they can stop rollout and fix then reroll the new patched version.

And usually even new things aren’t activated until everyone has update like recent ones with new features. You didn’t see them until everyone had been rolled.

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Those who got costumes in V1 should get the heroes. No-one would’ve pulled if they knew they can get the costume, hero and a shot at the HoTM if they waited for 50 gems more.
Now many have heroes that are locked down when in war or RT that they can’t use because they have only one copy while others do not even have the hero


F…, it was 300g before. I could swear it was 200. Then those 50g more isn’t that many and the mat chest and the HotM chance and the heroes. Changes are okay.


Costume Chamber is Back - Discussion (January 2020) it was always 300, I was so confused when people started saying it’s 200 lol

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But the fact is that they KNEW what they were summoning for at the time and STILL did it anyways… Just cause a newer better model came out doesn’t change the decision…


We’ve got an update on this now too:



looks at his level 16 alt account… better start leveling!


Tik Tok :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I like the update cause I was one of the people who got a costume for a hero that I didn’t have, which led me to the conclusion that I wasn’t spending money on that! so is there a retro to this update for people in my circumstance?

many of my team members don’t yet have level 18+. want to ask if our members reach level 18+ after the costume event, will they receive a free gift costume key ? Thanks

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