🧪 Early Information on Costumes Post-Hiatus Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v26]

why do they roll out “slowly” and not the same for everyone?

Also, do you happen to know who gets to have it “rolled out” first?

Don’t worry, new content is enabled all at once when SG has stopped supporting the older version. No one gains an advantage from a head start.

The roll-out starts on Android and then iOS (Apple). People that know more than I do mentioned the vetting process from Apple takes longer than Android. Also, roll-out is by geographies to keep the server loads to something reasonable…


In addition to answer below your post, at a certain point you must update as it comes up at start of game. It reduces server load since it’s not the only files at Google play or apple store they are huge servers. It also allows any bugs that still exist to be reported and fixed quickly so those who haven’t updated don’t have to keep going back. If after first group a bug shows up that needs urgent repair they can stop rollout and fix then reroll the new patched version.

And usually even new things aren’t activated until everyone has update like recent ones with new features. You didn’t see them until everyone had been rolled.

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Those who got costumes in V1 should get the heroes. No-one would’ve pulled if they knew they can get the costume, hero and a shot at the HoTM if they waited for 50 gems more.
Now many have heroes that are locked down when in war or RT that they can’t use because they have only one copy while others do not even have the hero


F…, it was 300g before. I could swear it was 200. Then those 50g more isn’t that many and the mat chest and the HotM chance and the heroes. Changes are okay.


Costume Chamber is Back - Discussion (January 2020) it was always 300, I was so confused when people started saying it’s 200 lol

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But the fact is that they KNEW what they were summoning for at the time and STILL did it anyways… Just cause a newer better model came out doesn’t change the decision…


We’ve got an update on this now too:



looks at his level 16 alt account… better start leveling!


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I like the update cause I was one of the people who got a costume for a hero that I didn’t have, which led me to the conclusion that I wasn’t spending money on that! so is there a retro to this update for people in my circumstance?

many of my team members don’t yet have level 18+. want to ask if our members reach level 18+ after the costume event, will they receive a free gift costume key ? Thanks

I could definitly agree with you if it had been one way for months, but one time? People who have costumes and no heroes should get the heroe regardless of price increase… call it compensation fir hassell


They already gave you stuff for the hassle…

They extended Atlantis Rises for the past 2 months (Jan will be too) and are giving more free keys when the chamber opens on the 20th…

Why should you get anything more? That’s just being greedy.

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I have costume with no hero and i disagree with this. Stop being greedy.

Lol, honestly I get where you’re coming from but SG offered a feature that obviously was not ready to leave beta. Are any of us going to really throw the word greedy around? This is the highest money grossing game in the world on Android and iOS and yes, it’s a gamble everytime you spend money for pulls from the portals, but how many hours have you put in trying to find 4* ascension items? How many 5* heroes setting at 3/70 for months? How many times have you waited for a simple response to a reported bug with no answer? People pulled from the costume closet trusting SG that what was presented had been properly tested in beta before being released and planned accordingly. It’s not greed, it’s frustration. Nothing to do about it but express an opinion. I could stop playing or spending, no one is forcing me to, but I’m not gonna and that’s on me. Just think if you bought a vehicle that was recalled due to faulty seatbelts, but you bought that vehicle before they discovered the fault and only people that bought the same vehicle after the date the default was discovered got their vehicle repaired for free? You are just going to pay without being upset or griping about it or would that make you greedy?

This analogy is flawed… It would be accurate if they buyer KNEW that the seatbelts were flawed…

People the summoned and used the original costume chamber KNEW that they were not getting the hero

A better analogy would be if someone bought a new item (be it a car, vacuum, phone etc…). Then 6 months later the company released a new version of the phone or whatever.
Is the person who bought the first version entitled to the new one?


Only if the first version was recalled in its first month, taken off the shelf, and not sold again until the product was corrected. Most legit companies offer a voucher through the retailers they use to the customer for an exchange or refund on such items.

And SGG have offered compensation lol…

Not really. A few free keys…? It’s like winning the jackpot on a broken slot machine and the casino giving you a free credit to try and win again on one that’s not broken. Better than nothing? Yes.