🧪 Early Information on Costumes Post-Hiatus Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v26]

I have all s1 5* but Sartana, azlar, and Lianna. Of those 3, Lianna has a costume. Should she be featured, I may do a 10 pull to try and get one that has evaded me. At least now that she is available with telegenic costume.


I will certainly use the free keys and hope for the heroes and costumes that I do not have. Lianna is one that I would really like to have, Kingston evaded me.

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Hi, mates I have a héroes costume, but when I use this same heroe to lével it up, the probability to increase the skill is just as any other heroe, not the usual 25%.
Cant upload pictures I guess.
Good day to you all

Welcome to the forum. I’m not familiar enough with the costume leveling to help you.

That bonus only applies to eating the same costume when leveling a costume

If you’re leveling the hero without the costume then you get the bonus of eating the same hero

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@Raspingalito This explains all about leveling costumes. No extra bonus increase for using same hero to level a costume.

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Costumed Vivica looks pretty amazing, I agree. (I have Kunch, and wish I had her costume!) She also seems to be the only 5* costume that is that significant an improvement.

Izzy, Groot, Elena are about the same … Joon and Lianna were already great and aren’t that much better.

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So how are you going the hero’s that we have clothes for but no body? I was unlucky enough to pull 2 elena but no body.

Those of use who have been playing for a more than one yr. May have a copy of 90% of straight S1 hero’s so we really don’t need more hero’s. But there are other who don’t have the bodies to hang the clothes on. Until SG get through all of S1 hero’s for costumes, I see two options; the one with the hero and costume and costume only. the later should be at least 1/2 the cost of the first.

Lol love your lingo “body” and “costume” , might adopt it myself

“I have Vivica’s costume but can’t find her body” <— sounds like a murder mystery


I wish the bonus chest was shared with atlantis summons, that would benefit f2p/c2p who rely mostly on keys/coins

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Will the season 2 portal still be available after the release of S3? I could see the S2 heroes being added to the standard epic summons portal.

Nobody really knows yet.

Two main theories:

  1. Atlantis Rises & the Atlantis Portal will continue after Season 3 has been released
  2. Season 2 Portal will replace the Existing Classic Summons Portal (minus the returning HotM which may get moved to the Season 3 Portal)

Also hypothesised that S2 heroes will be added to the Training Camps using the existing levels


One of the big complaints about costumes v1.0 was locking up the hero/costume for raid tournament/alliance war defenses. It seems to me like SG is “solving” that by including a copy of the hero with the costume pull, rather than by offering more flexibility with equipping costumes. In a sense, they are saying, go level another copy of the hero (and costume) and then you’ll be able to choose between your two copies with one locked in and one that can change as desired. Am I reading into that correctly?

Ok now they will give us costume + hero and what they dont give us the costumes for the heros where we have.

That could be a point, but I guess that they just made the changes because of fairness (to avoid complaining). Just imagine how many complaints they were getting from players. Getting a costume for a legendary that you don’t have doesn’t do you any good. If you want to use it then you have to go ahead and fish for the corresponding hero. And since the costumes are summoned with the same pull from a random pool design as everything else, it poses a big problem, you are spending your money potentially on such things that you are unable to use. Of course you can spend more to get the hero you need, but that is a long shot with the known summoning odds.

the clothes are changed to protect the guilty

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I am looking forward the new costume Quests, but I guess that 4500 is to much for me. Anyway I will try it.:slight_smile:

I agree. I got Viv, she is good and the exception. Use her way more than Kunchen. Why not do the same for all?
The game has evolved so much, attack de-buff on a slow hero that will most likely die before it can fire isn’t worth pulling for. Costumes could be great, but so far the 5* specials are very disappointing. Def de-buff, mana manipulation & attack boost would’ve been way more enticing.

The only reason to summon for the rest is the mana boost, but only if you have that hero maxed. I waited more than a year before I started to ascend heroes and stayed away from slow & underrated heroes even though I owned most of them. Since mats are too rare I can’t see any reason to pull, especially if you got Viv early. Some of the 4’s are great, they will come in time with keys. No rush

I’ve seen teams from 3500-4000 TP of all classic 4* beat it in Beta (including my own), even without carpet bombing.

I think it’s very doable with good team selection and a little effort.

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